What is Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising? 

In recent months you may have begun to evaluate your marketing strategy and spend. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic altering the way companies spend money, marketing budgets may have been dramatically amended. Now, as the world begins to open up again, out-of-home advertising seems like a great, cost-effective method to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Adverttu have helped to explain OOH advertising with this simple guide.

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An Explanation of OOH Advertising 

The name perfectly explains what Out-Of-Home advertising is. This includes any type of ads and marketing outside of the consumer’s home. Think public billboards, car advertising, benches, and buses. It is anything the consumer can interact with when away from the home.

Many different forms of advertising will fall into this category and it is typically used to capture the attention of audiences when they are busy and on the go. Hence why the thinking behind OOH advertising is big and bold ads which are instantly eye-catching. Many people could recall something they have seen in the past few days if they think back to their daily commute to work or walk to the corner shop.

The Benefits of OOH Ads

Although digital advertising is now very much the central and key feature of most brands’ marketing strategies, there is certainly space and a need for OOH ads within your budget. Out-Of-Home ads are successful and work to increase exposure. Recent figures from UK surveys revealed that 45% of participants interacted in some way or another with an OOH ad.

Interaction from millennials is the highest with 53% of those asked interacting with the OOH ads they saw. Out-of-home works perfectly in conjunction with your digital ads and helps to compliment them. They are a great way to expose your target consumer group to your messaging and brand throughout their day.

Here some of the great benefits of OOH ads

Cost effective

OOH advertisement is potentially the most cost-effective marketing method to reach huge numbers of people. The only real cost is the creation and design of the advertisements, which will require eye-catching and bold messaging and imagery.

Always Switched on

Outdoor ads can not be avoided; there is no option for audiences to switch off or skip the ad – unlike digital advertising which can be easily avoided, particularly as consumers become more tech savvy.

Choice of Context

With a range of options to choose from, your brand’s message can be placed anywhere. Popular formats include car advertising, large public billboards, and digital screens. Making these as bold and eye-catching as possible, you will capture the attention of passers-by, wherever you choose to place your ad.

Reaching the Masses

Outdoor advertising has great scope and is easily scalable. Placing your ads outside lets you reach a range of audiences and not just those you would typically expect to reach. This allows for greater exposure and higher levels of interaction with your advertisements.

Choose from a wide range of settings

Find your consumers and get that all important interaction with a choice of settings to place your OOH ads. Settings most popular with companies include cinemas, supermarkets, gyms and leisure centres, arenas and stadiums, airports, and bus terminals. Choosing from a range of these environments allows you to connect with large numbers of consumers in these busy environments.

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