Out With The Old and In With The New: What To Think Of Before Upgrading Furniture

It’s pretty safe to assume that every homeowner wants to revamp their home with new furnishings when they feel like their surroundings have grown a little dull or a little too basic. Especially when you feel like your furnishings have become a little too monotone, new designs and colors would be a good way to brighten up any room!

We’re going to share these furnishings with you that could be a good fit for both the living room and the bedroom. As long as the furniture’s function proves useful for the room, then go ahead – you can’t put a mattress in the living room, now can you? Unless you find a loophole with a foldable couch.

Mattress In A Box

Speaking of beds, why don’t we start with one of the best investments you can put your money into! The name “bed in a box” is quite literal because when you order one of these bad boys, it will be sent to you in a box. Now all you’ll have to do is unroll your flat mattress and wait for it to poof back into its mattress form! It’s all possible because the mattress you’re ordering is made out of memory foam – which is even better than the traditional beds you can find!

Now you know why you should order a bed in a box. So we’re down to deciding which is the best bed in a box. That depends on what you need. There’s a bed in a box that’s good for back pain, one that’s good for “side sleepers,” and one that’s good overall. Don’t worry; there’s one for those on a budget as well!

Coffee Table

Nothing to fill out the gaping space between your sofa and your television like a coffee table, right? One could even say that a coffee table is essential for any living room and that its rightful place rests between you, your sofa, and the television. Don’t be deceived by the name; it’s not a table just for coffee! Place some saucers for your soon-to-be-resting beverages, put up some reading materials or even kick back and rest your feet on it!

Consider the following before going out to procure a table: Firstly, you need to remember that a table some 24-inches away from the sofa is going to be the best position. Secondly, if there’s lots of moving around the table, think of getting a round coffee table instead of a square one. Lastly, think of storage space, so maybe a table with shelves or drawers would be best!


Now you have the centerpiece of any living room. It’s time to talk about the corner piece that holds everything together and makes any living room look a whole lot better: The Sofa. The style and color you choose will be the center of attention for any and every guest in your home. This is the corner piece because the room’s vibe will be decided by the look of your living room – elegant and fancy or bright and cheerful!

Keeping in mind that the sofa is the most important piece you need for a living room, consider the size of the sofa you want. Too large of a sofa will just look out of place and will take up too much space. However, if it’s too little, then the sofa wouldn’t be very accommodating to many visitors – meaning the strength of the frame is something to consider too!

TV Stand

To complete the trinity of a good living room, you’re going to need to think about what TV stand would round out the aesthetic of the entire living room. You’re going to want a TV stand that is relatively longer than your TV’s width. Otherwise, your TV is just going to look like it doesn’t belong. However, that depends if you want a much wider TV stand to center your TV and have items on the sides.

Choosing a wooden TV stand would give your living room a more rustic look compared to a cooler and modern look with a metal TV stand. Your TV stand also has to be placed in relation to where your sofa is, so think of the TV stand’s positioning. Do you want an entertainment center or a less stuffy corner TV Stand, maybe even a hutch TV stand where the TV itself doesn’t become the focus?


Remember that these furnishings can go in more than one place – except the mattress. So if you want a coffee table and a TV stand in the master’s bedroom, then that is very doable! Though those decisions could be looser since those are stashed away in the private quarters away from guests. Other than that, choosing the right furniture would not only give you better aesthetics but possibly more storage space, meaning a tidier home!

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