Outdoor Intercom System and Its Benefits

An outdoor intercom is a device that enables individuals inside a building to communicate with individuals outside of the building in a two-way approach. Furthermore, residents can use the intercom to unlock doors and gates for themselves and their guests.

The building’s exterior doors are equipped with weatherproof outdoor intercom systems so that visitors can easily and safely gain entry. The IP (ingress protection) or weather rating of a system specifies its level of weather resistance.

With the development of technology, outdoor intercom systems have been around for quite some time. The current intercom, however, owes much of its form and function to the smartphone.

Previously, intercom hardware had to be installed at both the building’s exterior entry and each apartment. Tenants can do without in-unit appliances if they have smartphones. This implies that residents can screen guests and let them enter the building through a mobile app.

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Intercom System

You’ve made the perfect decision whether you’re replacing an old intercom or setting up a brand-new one in a building. Having an outdoor intercom system installed is a terrific method to make it easier for tenants to get entry into the home and to reduce the risk of unwanted visitors. Specifically, an outdoor video intercom system will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

An outdoor intercom system’s top four advantages are:

1. Improved building security

Tenants can verify a visitor’s identification before allowing access to their home with the help of an outdoor video intercom system. Your building and its occupants will be safer from trespassers and vandals if only authorized visitors are allowed entry.

The video intercom system also logs all door entry actions with timestamps and dates. It’s possible to prevent a crime in progress due to the real-time nature of the footage. Having access to detailed logs of who came and went from the premises at specific times is also helpful for health-related contact tracing.

2. Easy access for tenants and guests

Accessing the building’s front door is as easy as a tap or swipe on a tenant’s smartphone thanks to a smartphone-enabled intercom system. All tenants will no longer need to keep track of keys, access cards, or fobs. Therefore, your employees will save time and effort by not having to provide duplicate keys or rekey the locks.

The same concept applies to tenants, who can use their iPhones to let visitors in. Tenants can even let visitors in while they are gone from home or the office with certain systems.

3. Remote management of property

Invest in an outdoor intercom system that operates in the cloud. The property management team can track and control who has access to the facility from any location with an internet connection thanks to the cloud-based solution. You can update tenant information and check audit trails for door entries in the cloud. Instead of having a server on-site, all information and applications are stored and run on the cloud.

Plus, automated software upgrades are a standard feature of cloud-based intercom systems. This ensures that your intercom always has the most recent version of the provider’s software and functionality.

4. Integrations of proptech

Picking an outdoor intercom system that works with other proptech solutions will enhance ease of use for both tenants and workers. By connecting the intercom to the property management system, tasks like issuing keys to incoming tenants and removing keys from departing ones may be handled automatically.

Connecting smart locks in each unit to the intercom system is also an option. This allows users to unlock the main entry as well as the door to their workplace or apartment with a single tap of their smartphone.

Choosing the best system

An outdoor intercom system can simplify and secure building access. The problem is that not all intercoms are made the same. Make sure you get the most out of your money by installing a cutting-edge intercom system in your building.

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