Outdoor Punching Bags – What You Need to Know

For participants in boxing and martial arts, or even fitness aficionados, punching bags are a must-have for physical training. They help you to improve your punching technique, strengthen your muscles, and to give your body a high-intensity workout session. 

But not all punching bags can be used Outdoors. Outdoor punching Bags have to be sturdy enough to bear the rough use that invariably comes with outdoor use. 

There are a wide variety of Outdoor punching bags, depending on your fitness level and the purpose you will be using them for. In this article, we will talk about the various kinds of Outdoor punching bags and the utilities of each of them. 

Free Standing Punching Bags

Free standing punching bags are the most convenient to use because you can put them pretty much anywhere you want. They are the perfect punching bag for you if you are operating in small spaces. They are also easy to move from one place to another in case you need to change your training base.

Free standing punching bags can be used for practising both punches and kicks, but they, unfortunately, do not offer the kind of punching experience that other bags do. But they are great for light training in limited spaces and will enhance your punching technique and endurance.

Outdoor Punching Bag Setup

If you want to use a punching bag outside, you would also have to know how to set it up. If you are using a freestanding bag, you can attach it to any base. But if you are using a Hanging Bag, then you need to find an elevated structure to attach it to, which might prove to be difficult. But another option is to use a bag stand. 

Many heavy bags come with a bag stand, but it is also possible to build one at home.

Can Punching Bags be Left Outside?

Whether you can or cannot leave a punching bag outside depends on the material with which it is built. If you leave a punching bag outside, it would have to contend with rain, heat, and possibly snow. If you leave a leather or vinyl bag outside, it will get ruined pretty quickly. Canvas bags will last more outside and can withstand the weather elements for some time. 

But irrespective of the material, you would probably have to replace an outdoor punching bag more frequently than an indoor punching bag.

What Can I Use instead of a Punching Bag?

If you are not comfortable with using punching bags, then there are a lot of credible alternatives that you can consider.

  • You can use wrist weights where you tie up weights on your wrist and then punch in the air. This will increase your stamina, strength, and the power of your muscles.
  • You can also use focus mitts, but you would need someone to hold the pads in front of you. The pad’s positions would change from time to time, and you would be required to hit them with unerring accuracy. 
  • You can use floor bags which are actually used in places where punching bags are unavailable. While floor bags are cheap and easily obtainable, they do not possess the sturdiness of punching bags.  

What to Look For When Buying a Punching Bag?

When trying to buy the right punching bag for your training, you need to consider the kind of work you will be using it for and which punching bag might fulfil that. Some punching bags, like the heavy bag, will help you work on your stamina, timing, and techniques, while others will help you develop specific shots and skills. You can even buy multiple different punching bags to ensure you can work on each individual area.

What Will You Use the Punching Bag for?

Before deciding on the punching bag, you have to consider what kind of activity you will be training for. If it’s boxing you are working on, and trying to improve boxing skills like speed, movement, and endurance, then traditional heavy bags are a safe option. If you want to work on individual shots like hooks and jabs, teardrop bags and double angled bags can work well.

But if you are training for other purposes like MMA, then you need to consider unconventional options. MMA requires you to work on your agility, so aqua bags, banana bags, and maize bags can be a good platform to develop your feet movement and kicking skills.

Bag Size

When deciding on the size of the punching bag that you are going to buy, you have to consider your own stature and power. If it’s too small for you, then it would swerve out of control when you practise power punches. On the other hand, if it’s too big, then you will not be able to work properly on your speed, technique, and timing.

You also need to consider the space where you will be putting the bag and the size that will fit there. Most punching bags come in standard sizes that will fulfil your needs if you pick the right type, but if you need to adjust then, it’s better to choose the free-hanging punching bags. The priority is to set up the bag at a height within your reach where you can punch it effectively.

Bag Weight

Concerning weight, the rule is the same; you have to choose considering your powers. A strategy that many people follow is to pick a bag with half of the person’s weight. That ensures that the bag neither overexerts the person nor swings around wildly when punched.

Bag Material

When it comes to the best material for a punching bag, leather is way ahead of anything else. It makes sturdy bags that are comfortable to punch and can withstand heavy punching for long hours.

However, leather bags are also quite expensive. It is also impossible to use them outside for long. So if you haven’t got the budget for leather, then synthetic leather can be a great alternative, and if you are specifically focussing on outdoor use, then canvas bags are also good options.

Best Outdoor Punching Bags

We will give a brief overview of the best outdoor punching bags that are currently available in the market so that you can consider all the options and pick one for yourself.

Century Wavemaster XXL

This is the go-to punching bag for many boxers. It is cheap, durable, can withstand punching and kicking for long sessions, and is well-equipped to deal with rain, snow, and sun. It has a large punching and kicking surface, and its low base eliminates the possibility of getting injured while practising low kicks. It also has a simple setup process. 

In conclusion, considering all factors, Century Wavemaster XXL is probably the best free standing punching bag available.

Everlast Powercore

This is a great bag for using outside because of its building material. It is built with a Steel Plate technology that enables it to be used outside for long periods at a stretch. But while this bag is perfect for light workouts, it will probably not be ideal for rigorous training. It also has a complicated setup process. 

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag

Everlast is one of the most reputed punching bag brands, and they have churned out another decent model in the 70-pound MMA heavy bag. It is available in black colour, needs a stand for setup, and is fitted with special webbing to ensure longer durability. It is an excellent option for hard training because it can withstand frequent usage and is also equipped to eliminate impact injuries to boxers.

Century Versys Fight Simulator

This bag is ideal for skill-based training where you are looking to improve your stamina, reflexes and technique. It has special rebounding properties to soften the blow of powerful punches and kicks and also has a perfect striking surface. It is perfect for your home but is also sturdy enough to be used outside.

Ringside Elite Standing Punching Bag

This bag is not that suitable for light workouts but is exceedingly efficient in the case of hard training. It is durable, sturdy, can withstand continuous use, and can be used outside regularly. Ringside Elite Punching Bag is perfect for you if you are looking to increase the power and focus of your punches. 

Century Cardio Wavemaster

For boxers who want to practise cardio instead of power punches, this is the best cardio bag in that price range. It is ideal for practising kicks and increasing the accuracy of your moves. If you are looking for raw power, then this might not work for you, but if you are looking to improve your technique, it will suit you quite well.

Outslayer 100-Pound Punching Bag

This is an excellent punching bag option for both boxing and MMA. It needs a stand and is on the expensive side, but as far as durability and effectiveness are concerned, it will rank right among the top ones. 

Final Thoughts

It is wise to do thorough research before buying an Outdoor punching bag so that you don’t end up with one unsuitable for you. No matter which punching bag you are using, always remember to use proper protective equipment to prevent hand injuries.