5 Signs You Should Outsource Your Food Safety Testing

When it comes to the food industry, there’s no shortage of regulations to adhere to and audits to complete in order to maintain your eligibility to run a food establishment.

The simple fact of the matter is that the food industry is one of the most heavily regulated markets in the United States, with the goal of protecting consumers from unsafe food practices.

Consequently, that means that as a business owner you are regularly having to conduct food safety testing. If you’ve been doing your food safety testing yourself, or if you’re new to the arena, then you might not know that you can actually outsource your food safety testing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few reasons why you should consider doing so.

1. You’re Too Busy

The first reason why you should consider outsourcing food safety testing is because you’re too busy to tend to it yourself. As the owner of a food establishment, there are probably always a hundred and one different things that you have to do.

You need to find a new vendor for your vegetables. Your hostess just quit and you need to hire another one. An important critic is coming in next week and you need to ensure that everything is ready and prepped.

If you have a lot on your plate, don’t add food safety testing to it.

2. You Don’t Have Prior Experience with Food Safety Testing

Food safety testing is no easy task. There are a lot of regulations to adhere to as you test food. It isn’t as simple or straightforward as just going down a list and checking boxes off.

If you haven’t had any prior experience in food safety testing, there’s a solid chance that you could mess it up. To that end, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look to an outsourced service for help.

3. There’s a Lot to Improve

Are there a lot of issues in your kitchen? Do you know that these issues are going to become apparent when you conduct testing?

If so, then you ought to outsource the food safety testing process so that you’re able to find out exactly what needs improvement. When there’s a lot of things that need doing, it can be hard to overlook specific small things. An outsourced service will help you get it all.

4. You’re Preparing for an Official Audit

To make audits easier, you should have official testing done beforehand. That way, you’ll know what the process is for the testing and what you need to improve. Therefore, hiring a professional food safety auditor not only helps conduct the audits needed, but also helps you get the required food safety certifications for your business that will further increase the trust of your customers.

5. You Want to Keep Costs Down

Ultimately, outsourced food safety testing can keep costs down by helping you identify ahead of time problem areas that need to be fixed before an audit. This will help eliminate the costs of getting shutdown should you fail your audit. Thus, think of your expenditure on an outsourced service as an investment with a positive return.

Food Safety Testing Can Be Outsourced

There you have it. Now that you know the reasons why to outsource food safety testing, all that remains is for you to find the right testing provider to suit your establishment’s needs!

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