Outstanding wallet app for cryptocurrency

Most digital currency owners are trying to find the best and most reliable solution that can safely protect this digital asset and still be flexible in trading and investment. Touchwallet is a cryptocurrency wallet released in recent years with such a mission. Supporting market-leading coins, having cross-platform trading and storage toolkit with maximum anonymity and security, and a beautiful user-friendly interface are the features that make Touchwallet win the satisfaction of crypto lovers. Find out some significant features of this cryptocurrency wallet and its advantages in the Touchwallet review below.

What kind of wallet is TouchWallet?

TouchWallet is a hot wallet software, downloaded and used on Android and iOS mobile devices. The Touchwallet crypto-wallet application works based on a regular connection to the internet, allowing the transfer and receipt of cryptocurrencies to be done quickly almost anywhere, anytime. The ability to integrate storage of a variety of cryptocurrencies while users do not need to spend any money for account registration. Many opinions said that using hot wallets poses a high risk of being attacked by hackers and stealing money and data while connecting. However, that is completely controlled by high-security features including Mixer technology, and the anonymity of Touchwallet which will be reviewed in detail in the features section.

This is a non-custodial wallet. Users can use it immediately after registering an account and verifying with minimal personal information required. Users have full control over assets and data stored locally on their devices.

What are some Key features of Touchwallet?

Touchwallet was developed with an effort to provide crypto market operators with a full range of tools to support the purchase, sale, exchange, and storage of funds. In particular, it is packed with high-end features that ensure the user’s cryptocurrency experience is secure and safe to the highest degree.

Cryptocurrency storage

Your virtual assets are stored in a vault with the highest security factor of Touchwallet. Cryptocurrencies that are easily found on the software’s user interface include:

  •         Ether (ETH)
  •         Bitcoin (BTC)
  •         Tether (USDT)
  •         Binance Coin (BNB)
  •         Litecoin (LTC)
  •         Dogecoin (DOGE)

Each of these coins is classified and assigned a unique address, which can be considered a sub-wallet. The transaction and balance information of any asset will be only recorded in memory at the interface of that sub-wallet.

Crypto asset balances are normally expressed by default in USD fiat currency at the exchange rate of Binance. Users can access a large collection of alt currencies and other identifiers and easily change the display in preferences settings.

Sending, receiving, and replenishing cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency transaction operations on the Touchwallet multi-currency blockchain wallet are simplified, making it easy and convenient for even new crypto players to receive, send, and replenish fiat assets.

The relevant operations are performed in the sub-wallet of the selected coin. Each transaction is provided with a one-time private key. It disables the ability to steal user information and trace the path of money through the transaction history on the blockchain system. As a result, holders of assets in the Touchwallet wallet can forget about the worry of crypto in the wallet evaporating or their crypto activities’ info being stolen for other purposes.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency withdrawals to their respective destination wallets are protected with 2-factor verification and the exclusive Mixer engine.

The mixer’s impressive functionality enables absolute anonymity to digital asset owners that few other software can provide. The selected crypto money to withdraw is divided into multiple smaller parts, mixed with similar portions from a series of users in the blockchain before being returned to the receiving wallet. The balance, withdrawal amount, and sender and recipient information are, therefore, not traceable to any third party.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Touchwallet allows one to convert crypto money within the wallet and trade coins on a decentralized exchange. Stable investors can convert their existing assets into coins of rising value in the market, while enthusiastic crypto investors can connect with traders from different exchanges on just one single wallet. This service has automatic calculation and synchronization capabilities, so all purchases can be done extremely quickly, and hassle-free.

Premature investment

Wise holders of fiat assets often find new tokens in the market to invest in with the expectation of beneficial future returns. With the Touchwallet multi-currency wallet, active token buyers can take advantage of the unique pre-ICO function to invest in projects that are about to go public, promising significant financial returns.

Advantages of Touchwallet

TouchWallet has great traction. The number of registered users grows exponentially every year and shares many positive reviews. It’s not hard to imagine that when understanding its impressive toolkit. Reviewing a few outstanding advantages that help Touchwallet stay ahead of many crypto-wallet software launched earlier are as follows:

  •         Every customer using Touchwallet digital currency wallet benefits from the unique and innovative Crypto Mixer that ensures maximum confidentiality and anonymity in cryptocurrency trading activities and complete security of wallet assets.
  •         Developed by the Cloudfarmer project, the platform allows users to scale cryptocurrencies with pre-resourced mining.
  •         You are allowed to access many different electronic exchange platforms with only one Touchwallet account. The possibility of making a profit is thus also varied with cross-platform trading and within-wallet conversion in the event of an increase in the rate of cryptocurrencies.
  •         The user interface of this muti-coin crypto wallet is not only beautiful but also easy to use. All operations usually take less than a minute to perform smoothly. This makes this digital wallet app not only suitable for new crypto players but also for professional coin traders looking for a convenient platform for quick transactions.
  •         The platform provides 24/7 online customer care through email and social media channels. The user who makes the request has the opportunity to receive support on all technical matters and any information related to the wallet’s operation from the experts, regardless of the time zone or the location in which he submits the request.

Final words

You cannot store cryptocurrency anywhere except in a crypto wallet. The choice of a digital wallet for cryptocurrency with many complex tools, high rates, or a convenient wallet, ensuring enough crypto-circulation functions in the blockchain is completely dependent on your usage needs. However, the top factors that need to be taken into account are security and anonymity, as cryptocurrencies are not only assets but also assets of great value and profitability.