How to overcome obesity with CBD Oil

Obesity has become a debilitating problem afflicting many people across the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.9 billion individuals had obesity in 2016. Each year, the number of people suffering from overweight keeps increasing, and many of them are prone to other life-threatening conditions like heart attack and diabetes.

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Obese individuals may apply multiple strategies, like exercising and dieting, to cut their weight. However, the effectiveness of any technique used depends on various factors, like the age and general well-being of that person. Research keeps indicating that cannabis is a practical approach you can use to reduce your weight. Keep reading to find out how cannabis is useful in weight loss.

The Legality of cannabis

In most countries of the whole world, cannabis is an illegal drug. However, research keeps showing that specific drug compounds and products made from them,, such as CBD (CBD oil) and THC (Rick Simpson Oil), have therapeutic properties. Therefore, some countries, such as the US and Canada, have legalized cannabis for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

CBD in cannabis is useful in treating various conditions, such as anxiety and depression, minimizing the effects of nicotine smoking, degenerative conditions like arthritis, and chronic inflammation. In the United State and Canada, you can currently buy CBD oil from specific dispensaries and use it to treat the conditions mentioned above.

The significance of CBD oil in counteracting obesity

Many studies have shown that the compound is useful in cutting the weight of obese people. A research journal published in the International Journal of Epidemiology indicated that individuals who smoke weed regularly don’t experience weight gain. The study had over thirty thousand participants who were exposed to conditions of weight gain. The key findings from the study showed that those who smoked weed gained minimal weight.

An attractive attribute of marijuana use is that it heightens our appetite. However, despite this fact, user do not gain bodyweight. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology concluded that marijuana use may increase appetite but may not cause weight gain. Yet, other studies show that weed users have a slim waist compared to those who don’t use it. Still, some studies show that marijuana smokers have minimal cholesterol levels, meaning that they have reduced exposure to obesity.

Which compounds are responsible for weight loss in weed?

Although weed has multiple compounds, the two critical ones include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD). The THC chemical is psychoactive and makes users feel high. Studies indicate that the THC chemical is responsible for weight reduction. A report by the University of Calgary showed that THC cuts the weight of overweight mice. Studies show a correlation between marijuana use and the reduction of body mass index (BMI) in the UK.

The CBD chemical is non-psychoactive and does not cause a high sensation. The compound is loaded with multiple therapeutic properties, and it is useful in the treatment of various diseases, such as chronic inflammation, pain, and cancers. Studies also show that CBD plays a critical role in cutting the weight of obese individuals.

Why THC oil helps cut weight

Many CBD/THC products are in the market that you can purchase and use to cut your weight. However, it’s advisable to consult your physician before buying any products. Your doctor can advise you on the best THC oil to buy and how to use it. One of the best products that you can use to cut your weight is Rick Simpson Oil, which has a high concentration of THC chemical, which helps weight reduction.

If you do not like being high, you can benefit from the oil even if you use it infrequently. When you want to cut your weight, it’s not a must to use THC oil daily. You can reap the benefits of weight loss even if you use the product once a month. Some of the benefits of the product include:

Enhancement of gut balance

Research shows that overweight individuals have elevated amounts of firmicutes and low quantities of bacteroidetes. You can cut the weight when you balance the amount of these bacteria in the gut. THC oil is critical because it helps in creating the right balance of these two essential microorganisms.

CBD in RSO helps suppress appetite

Studies show that THC boosts its consumers’ appetite and makes them crave for more food. While some people may gain weight due to consuming too much food, the CBD in RSO counteracts the number of food cravings. Weight gain only happens to a smaller number of THC consumers. A majority may not gain weight because THC burns cholesterol and other fats associated with weight gain.

CBD helps in metabolizing bad fat

Research indicates that CBD converts harmful fats into useful ones. These bad fats include cholesterol, which may cause multiple conditions such as heart attack, diabetes, and obesity. The presence of CBD assists the body to transform cholesterol into less dangerous fats. By burning cholesterol, overweight individuals can lose weight and remain healthy.

THC helps in burning cholesterol

People who are obese have elevated amounts of cholesterol that may cause many lifestyle conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. The THC compound in RSO may help stimulate the hormones that burn the fats, including cholesterol.

Multiple benefits

In addition to weight loss, individuals using RSO can enjoy its multiple benefits, such as treating degenerative diseases, boosting good mood, and enhancing good sleep.

Key Takeaways

Overweight is a global issue that comes with different fatal conditions. You can use various methods to treat the issue. Medical THC oil is one of the effective tactics you can use to treat the condition. The oil has various properties that make it useful in treating obesity. Key among the notable ones include:

  • Burning of cholesterol
  • Enhancement of gut balance
  • The CBD in the oil helps to suppress appetite.
  • The oil has multiple benefits that you can reap in addition to using it for cutting weight.

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