How to Pack Area Rugs for Moving

Packing area rugs article - image 44Moving a house is a complicated and tiring task. Packing area rugs seem to be an easy work till we skip an important step and mess up the whole packing.Certain important points should be taken care of while packing rugs.

Following Precautions and steps should be taken while packing area rugs:

Smaller Rugs:

Low-cost smaller area rugs are easier to pack and move as compare to large area rugs which are expensive. Three things needed to pack a rug for a move are large pieces of durable brown or Kraft paper, two pieces of string, twine or rope per rug, and packing tape.

Step 1. Cleaning a rug before packing is a must to prevent any pests. Then the rug should be vacuumed to remove dust, tiny bits of food and other matter that may be hiding in the fibres of the carpet. Even the rug should be kept out in the sun for a few hours before packing. If an area rug is really dirty and soiled up then it should be cleaned professionally prior to packing.

Step 2. Figuring the direction of the rug pile (nap) is important as the fibres of an area rug have a specific direction. To figure it out, rub your palm over the surface of the rug. The fibres will give some sort of resistance in one direction while they will feel smooth in the other direction.

Step 3. Before transportation, turn the carpet upside down so that the rug pile faces the floor. If you roll your rug with the pile facing you, then extra pressure is put on to the backing of the rug, and when inexpensive rugs are stiff-backed, that may cause stretching and cracking.

Step 4. Roll up your small area rug against the direction of the grain. Create a tight cylinder by rolling the rug slowly and be sure to make a good fold which will mean easier and safer handling and moving of area rug.

Step 5. After rolling up the rug into a neat and tight cylindrical bundle, tie the rug with two pieces of twine or string at each end, to secure the rolled-up rug and keep it safe from unfolding during transport. Packing tape should not be used directly over a rug.

Step 6. Area Rugs should not be wrapped in plastic. This common mistake when packing area rugs can cost you dearly. Though the plastic wrap keeps the carpet safe from external harmful influences during the move including dirt, dust, and rain, but it will trap moisture in the rug and prevent it from breathing. It may cause mold and mildew in the rug. Roll up the area rug in sheets of hard brown or Kraft paper and tape it up.

Oriental Rugs (Hand Made Persian Rugs):

The oversized hand-made rugs are generally very costly and need extra attention and care to retain their quality, beauty, and craftsmanship.

Step 1. Clean the rug before wrapping it up for transport. Professional carpet cleaning can also be considered.

Step 2. Turn over the rug over and turn the rug upside down so that the rug pile faces the floor.  It is a very important step.

Step 3. Fold the rug into thirds and roll it lengthwise by grabbing one corner of the carpet and folding it toward the centre, roughly to the middle longitudinal line of your large area rug. Now, take the other end and draw it over the already folded section to fold the rug in thirds and get 3 layers of carpet one on top of the other.

Step 4. As explained above, the direction of the grain can be determined.

Step 5. Fold the rug and walk on it to the proper end of the folded rug, take that end in hands and while walking backward, fold the rug over itself, against the grain.

Step 6. Roll the rug and go back to the folded against-the-nap end and start rolling the rug in a tight bundle.

Step 7. Finish the roll and tie up the rug by using two pieces of string, twine or rope to tie the rub bundle near its ends. Don’t over tight it as it will put extra pressure onto the surface of the area rug and might damage the rug.

Step 8. Wrap the rug in Paper and don’t use plastic wrap as explained earlier then tape it up with packing tape to secure the packing paper.

Hiring a moving company is the best way to keep your carpets safe. The professionals are expert in packing and string carpets, even the mostexpensive ones. Howeverbeforeyou hire one make sure to ask their price. The cost to hire mover differs depending on the type and size of the carpet. Still, hiring professionals is the best way to moveyour carpet.