Finding The Right Packaging Solutions for Military Equipment

The military must have equipment available in top condition when and wherever it needs it. The packaging used in the military supply chain is critical to the likelihood of this being achievable. No matter how big, small or delicate the item, the packaging must handle environmental challenges no matter where deployed.

Businesses manufacturing components or taking responsibility for transporting sensitive machinery, parts or substances for the military must protect the goods from moisture and oxygen ingress, damage from UV rays, and other corrosion causing elements. Military and Defence equipment may be stored for long periods, be transported by air, sea or rail through many climates, all of which can cause irreparable damage if the items are not fully protected.

We Should Learn from the Past

Past experiences identified a need for climatic protective packaging, packaging that will protect the contents from the outside world. During World War II, this need was first identified where military equipment and supplies were lost or damaged due to inadequate packaging. Many parts corroded from the unfavourable climate changes faced during storage or transportation. Generally available commercial packaging was not up to the level of protection or care the contents required.

From this point on, more care was required. The Department of Defence introduced standards for packaging to ensure that whatever equipment they stored or transported, from large vehicle parts or machines to small components, the contents would be protected.

Packaging standards were introduced that suppliers of military specification packaging solutions must adhere to. Equipment must be protected from moisture ingress, UV rays or any other corrosive element, no matter where in the world it was taken or how long it was in storage. Aluminium barrier foil protective packaging has revolutionised the packaging protection options.

Climatic Packaging Solutions for Military, Defence and More

Barrier foil laminates, aluminium foil bags and liners are now considered the best packaging solutions that meet the most current requirements of DEF STAN 81-147 and MIL-PRF-131 K Class 1 specifications.


Aluminium foil offers a protective barrier with the lowest transmission rate available from the many packaging material choices, being 88% reflective. It has the most remarkable ability to maintain residual moisture and oxygen levels within accepted tolerances and avoid odour or moisture transfer in or out of the package. The cost savings alone make this a worthy choice for packaging electronics and atmospheric sensitive equipment, with the savings made from the reduced need to grease and clean critical components. Items can be stored or transported through any climate or atmospheric conditions without compromise simply by being heat-sealed in aluminium barrier foil.

Energy efficient

Aluminium Barrier Foil packaging is also highly energy efficient. With reduced sealing time from size efficient packaging solutions, calculable reduced desiccant levels and one-person heat sealing, they are both efficient and cost-effective.

Flexibility of application

Aluminium barrier foil can be crafted with no limitation on the shape or size of the packaging format. Liners, bags, pouches, laminated sheets, rolls and tubes create 2D and 3D packaging solutions. Box and carton liners can be sized to suit individual machinery, components or materials. Aluminium barrier foil offers strong, non-penetrable packaging that reduces the need for expensive metal or timber outer casings, replaced by corrugates or reusable drums.

Climate protection packaging suppliers offer world-leading climatic packaging design solutions to military and defence equipment suppliers. Harnessing many years of experience and bespoke advice can be invaluable to businesses to identify appropriate, cost-effective one-off or supply chain protective packaging solutions, no matter how large, small or bespoke their item.

Protective packaging is a requirement for many products and equipment, not just for the military. Any business that transports or stores climate-sensitive products, components or machines or even dry goods have much to gain by switching to aluminium barrier foil packaging.

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