Exciting Party Games for Adults to Weave Your Guests with Amusement & Fun

Party games are all about fun. Exciting games on your long wanted bash will bring your guests nearer to each other, and keep them busy with laughter, fun & entertainment. The delicious menu at your party may be hard to recall. However, for a very long time, your guests will remember the entertaining hours they have spent with you.

Party games for adults
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People have always loved to indulge in the feeling of celebrations. The oldest party invitation was written in AD 100, and it discovered from an archaeological site near Vindolanda Fort, England, in 1973. However, as a party will never become exciting without party games, games like these are quite famous all around the globe. Along with unique new games, many classic party games are there, and still contributing the same exhilaration.

Some of these games may require drinking a few shots, few of them can even make your cheeks blush with naughtiness. However, the remarkable thing is, you can adapt all of them for the number of heads in your party.

Let’s explore a few of the famous adult party games that you can plan to play in your office parties, dinner parties, or even in wild dance parties. All these games are sheer icebreaker for guests, not familiar to each other, as well as excellent for life-long buddies.

Great Minds Think Alike

In this game, you need to choose the same answer as your other game mates select. The number of people selecting the same answer will equate to the points given to them. For playing, you need to write down different categories on individual cards. For example, you can note down categories such as favorite brands of shoes, desired things on a beach, favorite movies, etc.

Now, give pen & paper to all your guests, name one category, and ask them to write the first three things in their mind (No peeking is allowed). Now, check how many people have written the same answers in a category. Award them with points in accordance to that.

Celebrity: Who Am I?

This fun game is an absolute party charmer. Here, you need to prepare index cards for each of your guests, with celebrity names written on it. You need to stick cards onto your guest’s shirts, in a way they can’t see them. Now, they have to mingle with everyone else to find out the name on their backs. The first person, who finds out his identity, will be awarded, or you can reward all your guests, who have come up with the right answers in between half an hour.


Deep within, we all have a person who loves to gamble. The thrill of wagering money is something else, and every punter knows it. Your swinging heart, in between the probability of your wining and the possibility of losses, will give you the exact excitement you want.

Besides, when the opportunity to gamble with friends arrives, no one loves to drop it. Thus, casino table games like roulette is a gamble option, and everybody loves to prefer on parties. You don’t even need a roulette wheel for playing with friends since you can bring out your smartphones and immerse in virtual roulette fun.

Couples Game

This intriguing party game is inspired by American TV game show, Newlywed game, and will be a total hit if you are planning to invite only couples. The preparation process will not demand hefty cash amounts, as you will need just paper pads or small erase boards for every couple. For boys, write down 5 to 10 questions about girls and for the girls, 5 to 10 questions about boys.

In question, you can ask them about their partner’s dream destination, eating preferences, favorite singer, favorite subject, and more. Now, segregate women and men into two separate groups. Ask the women team to write down the answers in paper pads, but keep them secreted and request the male team to give their response one by one. If the answers match with their partner’s response, the couple gets 1 point. The same process will continue for the male team as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Games in parties are nothing but soul charmers in all sense, only because they bestow us with enough chances to laugh our hearts out. Different party games are available that you can also purchase for playing. These are also mainstream games for adult parties. But, when you can create a fantastic ambiance with just a few pens and paper sheets, do you really need to invest in something else?

Party games will always remain famous as they remove the anxiety and tensions of our everyday life. They bring people together, make them laugh, and bless us with the feeling of friendship. Moreover, a party without party games will be half baked, since party games and fun equates to each other.