Best Payment Methods for Mobile Card Readers

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Advancements in modern technology have made it easy for many people to carry out their day-to-day activities without the compulsion of moving with cash. If you’re running a business, you should consider using a mobile card reader to avoid losing customers who have embraced the cashless culture. Mobile card readers have proved pivotal for customers who chose to walk with credit and debit cards as they find it convenient to transact their businesses and view SumUp in the UK transaction details.

Whether you’re a small-business owner or an established entrepreneur, investing in mobile card readers makes sense. It’s also important to consider incorporating the best payment methods to grant your tech-savvy customers an excellent experience. In this post, you will know about various mobile card readers that will make your business more customer-friendly.

Payment methods

Contactless payments
Payment methods for mobile card readers - CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS
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This section comprises mobile wallets that use Near field Communication (NFC) to allow card readers to obtain information from mobile devices. NFC is the latest radio frequency identification technology that enables effective communication between a mobile device and a reader.

Most customers prefer a contactless payment method because it’s secure and super-fast. Besides, the method is convenient for customers who find physical wallets bulky. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are the leading mobile wallets that allow customers to see details for card payments in their bank statements whenever they transact with merchants.

Google Pay is also known as Android Pay, so it shouldn’t confuse you to the extent that you begin to think that the two technologies are different. Any customer with an Android phone can install the app that will require them to hold their devices over the card reader for a secure transaction.

Credit and Debit cards

As many people begin to embrace the culture of a cashless economy, Contactless Cards and Chip Cards are gaining popularity among customers. Credit and Debit card method of payment has been with us for some time, and it doesn’t seem to be getting outdated soon, even with the emergence of sumup transaction technology. They are ideal for customers who hate the hassle of long-term contracts in some traditional payment methods.

Digital invoices

Business owners are aware of how hectic it gets for clients to work on their contracts and get paid for the services or goods. Manual and physical invoices are involving and may require you to make constant phone calls to follow up on invoice settlements. Frustrations that most entrepreneurs have endured for relying on physical paperwork has prompted the emergence of digital invoices for convenience in sumup payments.

Digital invoices have helped reduce high costs associated with traditional invoices as customers can send free email invoices via various apps. Indeed, the digital invoice experience has made it easy to streamline sumup payment methods for secure transactions.


Since payment methods for mobile SumUp card readers are on the rise, the cashless economy is gradually becoming a global reality. Unlike in the past, when people carried large sums of money, new technologies have made it easy to reduce bulkiness. Financial sumup transactions are nowadays more secure, and most customers have hailed the new payment methods as user-friendly hence encouraging convenience in businesses.

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