Why PDF Conversion Tools Are A Business Owner’s Best Friend

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Documentation is a businesses’ lifeblood. If you run a digital business, then you must have to deal with multiple documents daily. Some typical documents a digital business handles are:

  – Client invoices

  – Customer records

  – Internal memos

  – Marketing collateral

It is essential to have a consistent document format to ensure standardization across your business operations. The PDF (Portable Document Format) has evolved to be the document format of choice for digital businesses globally.

Many businesses depend on popular document formats such as .docx (Microsoft Word documents) or .xlsx (Microsoft spreadsheets) while entering information. Converting the document into PDF format and then transferring it to another person will ensure that your recipient will see the document as you had intended it. And if you are wondering how to make a pdf editable? You can also do that now too.

There could be multiple scenarios where you need to convert a PDF file to word format or excel format for ease of use. A PDF conversion tool that lets you convert PDF to Word for free can be a useful asset in terms of ensuring consistency. Such tools promote standardization and ease of use for the businesses’ internal and external stakeholders.

PDF conversion tools - image 499894
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Let’s look at the reasons why:

1. You can reduce the documentation file size

Word documents could have embedded images (such as charts, diagrams, etc.), making the document’s size go up exponentially. Even though the cost of data storage has been going down over the years, businesses need to know that there could be hidden costs in business data storage.

Converting a word document to a pdf file will help you get a leaner version of the document and cut down on your data storage requirements.

2. You get access to high levels of security

A PDF converter lets you convert a Word or an Excel document to a PDF file and vice-versa. A PDF file offers you security, using password protection and high-level encryption. You can also implement selective access control to allow or bar specific customers or employees from accessing sensitive data.

A  PDF converter helps you implement high-level security across your documentation, ensuring that your data is accessible to others on a need-to-know basis.

3. You can implement digital signatures

Many PDF converters let you send a contract document to a customer directly for their digital signature. Implementing digital signatures instead of relying on printing out a document, signing it, scanning it, and re-sending it, helps streamline the entire document signing process.

All you or your customers have to do is use an appropriate PDF editor to open the document and “e-sign” the document. All parties involved save on time, effort, and energy that can be used productively elsewhere.

4. You can completely repurpose the data in a PDF file

You can use a PDF editor to carry out minor editing. But, you won’t be able to repurpose the entire content easily. PDF convertors help you repurpose a PDF document’s content by converting it into a word or excel document, allowing you to make suitable modifications and then converting it back to a PDF file. You can even use a PDF converter to convert the PDF file to an image, edit it, and convert it back to a PDF file to share with your stakeholders.

5. You can ensure that your business is platform-independent

Not all your customers or employees may have access to updated versions of word processing/spreadsheet software. Suppose you spend hours working on a spreadsheet and then email it to a customer having an older version of spreadsheet software.

Imagine that you then get to know that his software cannot read your document? You will then spend more time and energy editing the source file, saving it in a format your customer can read, and then resend the document for him to open successfully. A PDF converter helps you avoid such a scenario entirely as PDF files are readable by most browsers and modern operating systems.

In summary

A PDF converter can be a business owner’s best friend by giving him higher levels of security, convenience, and ease-of-use. As a business, you can cut down on time you spend on doing basic documentation tasks and focus on delivering a better product or service.

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