PDFLiner Affiliate Program: How to Benefit from It

PDFLiner Affiliate Program: How to Benefit from It

An affiliate agreement with a successful service platform is a great tactic for establishing a steady income that won’t require much investment. This article explores the PDFLiner affiliate program and the opportunity it offers. What is an affiliate program anyway? You’ll learn this too.

What is PDFLiner?

PDFLiner is an all-in-one cloud-based solution to your PDF-related problems, whether they arise in the context of work, personal finance, or any other aspect of life. The platform offers a range of essential PDF services, all through a very intuitive interface.

These include creating and editing a PDF file, including forms with fillable fields in case you need to fill out an official document or send a form to your customer, formatting PDFs, and sharing documents in a secured manner. It comes with built-in e-sign functionality as well as a wide form catalog for tax reporting, insurance, and more.

Being an Affiliate Marketer for PDFLiner

PDFLiner has finally launched its affiliate program, which means you can now make money by marketing the service you are using yourself. In the context of the PDF platform, all you need to do is join the affiliate program. As you do so, you will need to read the affiliate agreement and make sure you accept its terms and conditions.

What happens next is you get a dedicated Affiliate Manager assigned to you in order to help you make the most out of the program. You’ll also be able to access a wealth of pre-designed marketing materials that you can rely on while promoting PDFLiner on your blogs and other web pages.

The point of being a PDFLiner affiliate is to make sure people learn about the platform and want to try it. Each purchase made through your link will bring you profit through the fixed-percentage commission, paid once a month.

PDFLiner Affiliate Program Benefits

The PDFLiner offers a number of perks:

  1. High commission rates, namely 40% on each first-time purchase and 20% on each purchase by existing customers.
  2. Regular and timely payment (the lower limit that you need to achieve to get paid is just 100 USD).
  3. Dedicated support from the Affiliate Manager.
  4. An insightful dashboard with useful statistics to help you navigate the program and make sure you are headed for success.

As you can see, there’s no reason to hesitate. Just get registered for the PDFLiner Affiliate Program and wait until you can reap the rewards.

Based on article by pdfliner.com

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