Peace of Mind for your Business Knowing Your Safety Equipment is up to Date

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Fires can quickly and unexpectedly break out in any workplace causing extensive damage to the property and endangering the lives of your team and employees, so ensuring your fire safety equipment including detection alarms and extinguishers is up to date and in perfect working order is a must. 

Too often business owners, managers, or team leaders can get complacent with the day-to-day routine of the workflow and these details of checking fire safety equipment expiration dates can unfortunately be overlooked or ‘left to attend to another day.’ Making sure that you have the right fire prevention products in place can significantly reduce the risks linked to fire incidents. This not only shows your commitment to your employees that you value them and their safety, but it is an investment worth every penny. 

If you are setting up shop or are taking over a company and looking to upgrade and update your fire safety equipment then you are one step in the right direction. All you need is to know what equipment is best suited for your premises and company functions, and implementing them from the start will show you just how important these features and equipment are. Let’s take a look at what you should consider for your business premises and why.

Safety is everything

Having a fire safety plan in place can save a lot of time when an unfortunate situation arises and you can get your staff outside and to a safe location before anything more serious occurs. You always want to ensure that your business premises or home are equipped with the best quality of fire safety products for maximum efficacy in a time of need, and the peace of mind far outweighs any costs that may initially seem overwhelming. 

Can you really put a price on safety? 

When your employees are comfortable knowing safety measures are up to grade and safety equipment is in place if they need it, they can work more effectively on-site without distractions or potential risks. The main components you’ll need to get going are;

  • Fire Extinguishers 

These may seem like a common piece of safety equipment but they are the most essential and are your first line of defense against any fire. They have been specifically designed so that they are simple to use but also to effectively suppress flames before they become uncontrollable giving your staff valuable time to get out of the building or to a secure location until the fire department arrives.

  • Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms 

Unfortunately, we have seen that many fires often occur without anyone being aware until it has become more serious, if you can detect a fire or safety concern as early as possible you are much more likely to prevent causalities and property damage. Smoke detectors can alert you to areas where people may not be working but a fire has sparked up or the level of heat in the room or area is unnatural and poses a threat.

What is great about smoke detectors and fire alarms is that they are highly sensitive and prompt both audible and visual aids offering early warnings for a safer and timely evacuation whilst alerting the emergency service operators.  

  • Sprinkler systems

There are situations where fires can spread rapidly before emergency personnel can arrive at the scene, a sprinkler system can help to douse a raging fire over a large area and essentially prevent it from spreading further. A water sprinkler system that activates at the immediate signal of a fire could be just the difference your employees need to get to safety.

There is no next time

The cost of delaying putting in an updated or upgraded fire safety system on your premises whether it be for business or for your home can be pricey. It is no secret that accidents can incur a lot of financial strain when they are for the most part so easily preventable, and when it comes to your company and your employees you need to be sure you instill in the work ethos a culture of safety. 

Naturally, not all firms are alike and some may need more of a particular item or equipment than another, more bespoke detection systems for hard-to-reach places, and others that detect everything and anything while their staffing teams are on site. Employees’ work productivity is heavily influenced by their safety concerns, and if they have been trained in safety protocols and taught how to use the safety equipment if need be, they will be more comfortable coming to the office or site each day. 

Making the changes to ensure your company and workers are safe should always be of the highest priority and when it comes to purchasing fire safety equipment, always opt for quality versus quantity. There is no price too steep when it comes to your employee’s safety.

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