Percent Review 2023: Is This Private Credit Platform Worth it?

You might’ve heard the term “financial technology” or “fintech,” mainly linked to apps that let people lend each other money. 

But did you know this technology has also changed how investing works? Think of robots that can pick a mix of investments for you. That’s a real thing.

The same tech has made it easier to pick different types of investments to put your money into. 

For example, Percent, a special platform, helps you add private credit to your mix of investments. Now, what’s so good about that? We’ll get into it. Just keep reading.

What Is Percent?

Firstly, Percent is a business based in New York. It started in 2018, and its website was up and running by 2019. The percent has powered over $800 million in deal volume. Nelson Chu, who started it, also started another helpful service. It’s called MySupport and helps families find good help for older family members or those with special needs.

Now, what does Percent do? It lets businesses borrow money. But this isn’t like going to a bank. These loans are a type called “private debt.” Normally, only people with special connections or deep knowledge got into this. You should read our Bookmap review to understand how these specialized platforms operate.

Key Features of Percent 

So, Percent is pretty straightforward. It lets people who are okay to make bigger investments—called “accredited investors”—lend money. They get it back later with some extra. You can start lending with as little as $500, which is good because not everyone has a lot of money to spare.

You can easily understand all about your lending. There’s clear information on the Percent website. It shows the time your money will be lent for, the extra money you’ll make, and even who you’re lending to. If you’re looking for an alternative, some of these best stock research websites offer different kinds of investment data.

Percent Fees 

Percent received broker-dealer approval in August 2022. It will begin charging fees on deals that are invested in starting from September 2023. The fee will be up to 10% of interest. For example, if a deal paid 15% APY and the fee charged was 10% of interest, your effective APY is 13.5% after fees.

Who Is Percent Best For?

The percentage is for people who already have a bunch of money invested. These people are called “accredited investors”. You’ve got to have over $1 million in stuff that can be sold for money or have a lot to spend after you pay your bills. If you’re one of these people, Percent lets you lend money in a way that’s different from buying stocks. It’s an option if you’re looking for the best-automated trading software to diversify your investments.

Is Percent Safe?

Yes, Percent is a real, safe platform for lending money. They follow all the rules they need to and show clear information about who you’re lending to. They’ve also done a lot of deals that worked out well. Plus, they make sure your info is safe.

Pros and Cons of Percent 

Like everything, Percent has pros and cons sides. You can start lending with just $500. But it’s only for people who already have a lot of money or live in the U.S. Plus, you have to be quick to pick a deal because they get taken fast. You should check out some of these best stock charting software for additional market insights.


  • Broad private credit investment options
  • High average yields (>15%)
  • Low $500 minimum investment
  • Short and long-term deals
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Transparent fees
  • Strong track record


  • Accredited investors only
  • U.S. investors with U.S. bank accounts only
  • Fast-funded deals require quick action
  • No secondary marketplace is available

Is Percent Worth it? 

In wrapping up, let’s ask: Is Percent the right move for you? Well, if you’re what they call an “accredited investor,” this platform might catch your interest. It lets more people than ever get into short-term lending that pays back pretty well. Before, only a small group of people could do this. Now, thanks to Percent, more folks have a shot.

But hold on. Even though Percent checks everything carefully and tells you a lot about where your money’s going, remember that lending money like this can be risky. The platform does a lot to minimize these risks, but they’re still there.

The good news is you don’t need much money to start. The minimum amount you can lend out is pretty low, meaning a wider group of well-off investors can join. So, this could be an option if you want to try something new with your money.

That said, like any money move, you’ve got to think it through. Check if it fits what you can afford, what you hope to achieve, and how much risk you can stomach. After all, it’s your money and your future we’re talking about here.

So, before you take the plunge, weigh the pros and cons. Ensure it aligns with your financial situation, goals, and feelings about taking risks. Click here to get started with Percent today and see what it can offer.