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Alec Benjamin is an American singer-songwriter, sufficiently understood for his themes ‘Paper Crown’ and ‘The Water Fountain.’ Born and growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Alec grew up listening to artists like Paul Simon and Eminem. He rose in a mundane family, and none of his family members learned anything about the theme. He started creating a keen curiosity about music during his high-school years. He knew to play the guitar by observing videos on ‘YouTube’ and never heard of any experienced guitar classes. He rose at a time when ‘YouTube’ was a major venue for young artists to showcase their skills. He debuted on ‘YouTube’ in the year 2016, with his single ‘Paper Crown.’ Earlier, in 2014, ‘Columbia Records’ had shown him a contract and had vowed to make his debut album. Nevertheless, they had settled him later. Nevertheless, Alec resumed work on his music. In the forthcoming years, he earned a substantial fan base on ‘YouTube’ and fired quite a few thriving singles, like ‘End of the Summer,’ ‘The Boy in the Bubble,’ and ‘Let Me Down Slowly.’

The great singer Alec Benjamin was born on May 28, 1994, in Phoenix, Arizona. Nobody from his home was associated with melody.

He was a hermit in school and chose not to make any buddies. He did not feel much about his job either. Nevertheless, as he rose and started attending to artists such as Paul Simon, Eminem, and Dr Dre, he began acquiring a marked interest in music.

By the time he was in high school, he had begun rehearsing singing on his own. His father recreated music as a hobby. Alec once gathered up his father’s old guitar and started learning to recreate it on his own. He did not hear any guitar lessons. He would often watch ‘YouTube videos to teach himself to recreate the guitar.

He was 16 when many inexperienced musicians were moving to ‘YouTube’ to show their talents. While most of them were making covers of their favourite tracks, Alec had determined that he would make original music. He started writing his songs and organised them by using PC software.

By the time he graduated high school, he had determined that he would follow music as a career choice. Soon, he began writing emails to artists he believed could assist him in some way.

He also began moving around in search of more profitable opportunities. He made several journeys to Los Angeles to meet good individuals, but that did not yield much. He began playing music in the parking lots of music shows and played at some organisations and coffee places, too. His music was being adored, and he began meeting honourable individuals.

Following his high-school graduation, Alec registered at the ‘University of Southern California.’

Alec Benjamin is one of the greatest music hits to have come out of the one-time decade. His songs have been poured over 1 billion bits on Spotify. And he’s made top 40 marks on music graphs across the globe. And soon, he’ll be reaching for a concert tour and visiting a town near you. And we’re here to assist you to book the finest seats in the house for these visits.

But that’s not all! Because new Alec Benjamin lovers might not understand what to anticipate. So we’ll tell you about the history of this artist, some wonderful songs to attend to, and what you can anticipate from a live concert event. If you are one of them who is looking for the Alec Benjamin Tour tickets then could be the best option.

Alec met a musician named Sacha Skarbek via a common companion. Sacha had written tunes for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey. Alec and Sacha began writing songs together, and Alec started acting at more outlets. Sacha had her studio in London, and Alec passed across the Atlantic Ocean without any monetary support from his parents.

While he was in Europe, he made a substantial lover following. He opened several concerts and acted at the ‘Berlin Music Week’ and ‘The Reeperbahn Festival.’ There, he shared a favour for the first time. Soon, individuals started coming to concerts to attend concerts.

He finally signed a contract with a small-time independent label called ‘White Rope and released his debut mixtape, ‘Mixtape 1: America, in 2013. It was a mild hit. The same year, Alec moved back to the USA and served at a few venues in Los Angeles. Talent scouts from ‘Columbia Records’ found him and soon showed him a record contract.

Alec was 20 years old at that moment. The agreement with ‘Columbia’ seemed like a major change. Although ‘Columbia Records’ had pledged to produce his debut album, they withdrew the contract 24 hours after the submission of his first album.

This was a major blow to Alec, and he chose to start his profession from blemish. He avoided social-media promotion for a very lengthy time. Nevertheless, when his sister demanded, he chose to give it a shot. By then, he knew that constructing a loyal online fan floor was extremely beneficial for a struggling artist such as him.

He had reported the whole album that was pitched to ‘Columbia Records,’ and he intended to post it online. He began with ‘YouTube’ in August 2016. His first upload, ‘Paper Crown,’ evolved into a major hit almost instantly. The emotional song caused the hearts of his listeners and garnered a million “views” shortly. Now, the song contains more than 4 million “views” on ‘YouTube.’

This prosperous beginning boosted Alec’s trust. A few weeks later, he uploaded another single song, ‘The Water Fountain,’ and it made more favour than ‘Paper Crown.’ The single has made more than 10 million “views” on ‘YouTube.’

Alec’s style echoed with the listeners because he composed songs about the mundane items of life that anybody could connect to. Most of his songs have heartbreak and company as their main themes. In 2017, he cast a track titled ‘I Built a Friend.’ It made better than 4 million “views” on ‘Spotify’ in less than a year.

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