How to Find the Perfect Office Space for Your Company

A brand new office space feels like a fresh start. Different surroundings can give your business a shot of energy and create an exciting dynamic amongst your staff as you begin to take on your company goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hungry startup company looking for that first business space, or an established company in need of a change of scenery, there’s no denying how important that big move can be in establishing your business.

With this being said, the process is often easier said than done. In choosing the right office space for your team, you’ll often need to consider everything from location, size and amenities, to the landlord and even the relevant leasing lawyer.

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Here are a few reminders on the things to consider when finding that perfect office space for your company.

Be optimistic but realistic

A lot of valuable time can be wasted in pursuit of the perfect office space. Of course, the idea of an exciting and flashy new office to show off is appealing. And if that’s what your business needs then have at it! But don’t forget to stay realistic about what your ideal work space is.

If you’re having to move again in another year because you’ve underestimated your potential growth or overestimated it by moving into a space that’s much too large, you could be back to viewing new offices again in no time.

Location, location, location

The location of your business makes a statement. If you’re a finance company, you’re expected to operate in the finance district of your city. The same goes for any other business, so take the area you’re inhabiting into consideration.

Therefore, consider the location which is more evolved from that viewpoint. For Instance, Philadelphia is a bright example of a financially and economically developed area. The financial sector stands out among the leading sectors of the city’s economy. Low tax policies and great governmental support for entrepreneurship make the city a desirable business destination. The number of businesses choosing suitable Philadelphia office space for rent keeps growing. Being close to the cities like  New York and Boston, the city has wide access to large markets, which derives great opportunities and communications.

Be sure to identify where the ‘hub’ of your respective industry is located, and search for an office space that gets you in the mix there.

Co-working Spaces are Networking Spaces

Moving into co-working spaces are a great way to develop new relationships with business partners and other company owners. The smaller budget nature of co-working offices means being around energetic people who are trying to accomplish the same things as you.

A positive and bustling office environment may be just want you need to stay energised and focused on your goals. What’s more, you’ll also be able to rent most co-working spaces on a weekly to monthly basis, should you need to change your situation quickly.

Don’t Lose Sight of Priorities

As the list of what you want in an office space grows longer, it can be easy to forget to focus on what you actually need. If you were to list your main essentials in a new office space, it would probably be whittled down to building security, good internet connectivity and access to nearby stations or amenities.

Establishing that line between what’s necessary and what’s not will guide your business to the right office space.

Include Your Employees in the Decision

Put yourself in the shoes of your staff members. How will the location affect everyone’s daily travel? Is it within an acceptable commuting distance?

Figure out where your employees live and try to find an office space that’s centralised and realistically doable for all staff. This small consideration can help to retain talent and keep your team feeling happy and excited about the forthcoming changes.

And finally, be sure to work with a firm that understands your needs and requirements. DeVono Cresa is the UK’s leading occupier-only consultancy firm, providing real estate solutions to support our clients’ complex and specific business objectives.

Success is not defined by getting your signature on a lease. Our team cares about leaving a lasting and positive impact on our clients. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships, so get in touch today and see what DeVono Cresa can do for you!

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