The Significance of Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance

A car, which once represented luxury, has now become a necessity in today’s day and age. Increasing pollution, rising temperatures, or even protection from the rain make it a must-have for a comfortable commute to your destination.

Personal Accident Cover - car insurance policy
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Among these advantages, it is also important to take a look at the regulations you need to comply with which include having a car insurance coverage. The Motor Vehicles Act make it mandatory to purchase at least third-party coverage for all vehicles registered in the country. But when accidents happen, it is not only other person who might get injured, it is also you. To have a financial protection for these treatments, a personal accident cover was introduced.

What is personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover or PA cover is the additional coverage apart from an insurance cover for your vehicle where the driver has a financial safety net against injuries due to accidents. Here the insurance company provides compensation for injuries, disabilities, whether permanent or temporary and even death following an accident.

Is personal accident cover mandatory?

A short answer to the above question will be yes, it is compulsory to have a personal accident insurance. Whether you purchase a third-party or comprehensive vehicle insurance online, it is mandatory to also have a personal accident cover. The India Motor Tariff, 2002 ensures that all policies are sold a personal accident cover. From January 2019, this facility has been unbundled and you have the option to skip buying a personal accident cover if you already own one.

At present, personal accident coverage limit has been increased from the earlier amount of ₹1 lakh to ₹15 lakhs. The idea behind making personal accident cover mandatory is that all drivers must be offered minimum stipulated coverage.

What is the significance of buying personal accident cover?

The streets are filled with various kinds of drivers and no safety feature in your car can guarantee you a complete safety from these unpredictable threats. A personal accident cover helps you protect yourself against mishaps. A personal accident cover is the best way to ensure safeguard from accidental injuries and have mental peace for you and your family.

Here, if you meet with an accident the PA cover will come to your rescue it provides with a financial safety net to cover the cost of medical expense including treatment cost and hospitalization charges. Moreover, it also provides compensation for disability which can be either permanent or temporary in case of an unfortunate demise it also pays your family members a compensation.

Personal accident cover for drivers and passengers

The regulator has mandated personal accident cover for owner-drivers only. But what about paid drivers and the passengers in your car? Insurance companies offer add-ons in the form of accident cover for your driver as well as passengers. With this additional facility you need not worry about the injuries sustained by the passengers other than you or even your driver.

Personal accident cover is one among the many additional features that can be availed. However, there are various other add-ons to be considered when buying a car insurance policy. To arrive at a decision which add-on to buy, you can make use of a car insurance calculator. this tool helps you decide the impact of these add-ons on your premium as well as make a choice among the many.

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