The Importance of Personal Appearance as a Female Professional

If you have graduated from school, have a degree, and work full time using your education, then you fall under the category of a professional. A lot of people tend to judge a book by its cover. If someone comes across as scruffy and unkempt, then we tend to assume that they aren’t doing well for themselves. For professionals, it is extremely important to take this into account before you go to work or meet potential clients and customers. If you live in an area where you will see people who you work for or who work for you outside of the workplace, then making sure you maintain a good personal appearance is important for your image.

Aims for a Professional Appearance

It can be confusing trying to understand the aims of looking good as a professional. Many female professionals assume the aim is to look as attractive as they can, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you are an attractive woman, but don’t look like you belong in a functioning business, then you may end up giving off the wrong impression to your colleagues, bosses and clients. The idea of a professional appearance is to gain the trust of your prospects and workforce by conveying the impression that you are there to give good advice, ideas and know what you are talking about. It is guaranteed that a smart, business-based appearance will get you a lot further than a seemingly attractive one.

Gaining Trust

Coming across as trustworthy in a work environment is based on a number of factors. Women who are ethical, knowledgeable, reliable, and organized, are much more likely to gain the trust of their clients and people in the workplace. These qualities are essential if you want to strive as a professional and they need to be shown in your overall appearance. The exact importance of these qualities will be solely dependent on the nature of the company you work for, your customer base, and what you have to offer. For example, selling something to a farmer is going to require a completely different approach compared to selling to a banker.

Workplace Attire

Wearing standard business attire as a professional woman is normally the best way to get a positive response from the people you work with and the customers you deal with. This attire normally consists of a basic suit consisting of a tailored blazer and a smart blouse, combined with pants or a knee length skirt. Your clothes should be free from stains, clean and crease free. It is a good idea to have a high-quality perfume (worn in moderation) and some suitable accessories (such as a pair of earrings and a designer watch). A nice pair of shoes is essential to finishing off your professional appearance..

Out of Work Attire

How you look in public is also important if you are trying to maintain a professional appearance. Nothing looks worse than bumping into someone you have done business with looking like you got out of the wrong side of bed. Whether you have a family or not, the life of a woman is never simple, and it is okay to be seen in casual wear, just make sure you make some kind of effort. For example, wearing designer brands, like Gucci sneakers, is a great way to feel comfortable whilst still looking good. Take a look at the collection found at for some great quality options. Making sure your hair is tidy, you have a light layer of natural make up on, a matching outfit, and some designer accessories, are all simple yet effective ways to maintain a good personal appearance.

Body Language

As a professional woman, your body language will speak a thousand words to your workforce and clients. Making sure you sit up straight, smile, make a regular but not an excessive amount of eye contact with people you are talking to, and having a strong, firm handshake are all simple yet extremely effective ways of improving your body language. Ideally, your goal is to convey a sense of competence and confidence without appearing to be arrogant or too assertive.

Your Vehicle

The car that you drive to work will reflect back on how professional you want to appear, especially if you use your car to visit different companies (who are seen as potential clients). This doesn’t mean you need an expensive car that you can barely afford. Instead, you just need something that is fairly new, kept clean, is free from marks and dents, and ultimately suits you. This way, if a prospect ends up walking you to your car after a meeting, it won’t reflect badly on you.

The number of female professionals in all industries is no longer something that is seen as unusual, but unfortunately, there was a time when it was. You could have everything you need to succeed, but if people don’t appreciate the way you look, this could be detrimental to your career.