Persuasive Sales Writing Services for Business

Copywriting is an important marketing tool for any business. It can directly drive customers to your site with high conversions, dramatically increasing your bottom line. Good copy is extremely powerful and has been around for a long time. It’s one of the OGs when it comes to successful marketing.

Due to the importance of copywriting to the success of a business, a good copywriter is invaluable. Bad copy will drive customers away and over time create a negative association with your company. So what do you look for in a copywriter to ensure you get copy that converts traffic?

A copywriter is first a writer, but in addition to that skill they specialize in persuasive writing. They are highly skilled in creating social media posts that draw people to action-driven landing pages that capture visitors and make them a paying customer. In addition to harnessing the power of social media, a professional copywriter is highly skilled in search engine optimization (SEO), which will rank your copy high on Internet search engines. 

When hiring a copywriter, you want to obtain their samples and look for creativity. You don’t want someone who just regurgitates the same old stuff that everyone else is doing. With that in mind, you also want to make sure they are on trend. Trending posts on social media are a gold mine when it comes to capturing leads. Your copywriter should be able to look at your product or service and write something that pushes the right buttons just using language as their tool.

Experienced copywriters know the power of creating a demand for your business by convincing the public that they need you. They are experts at the art of persuasion and their writing promotes action. Even the greatest websites can fail to convert visitors without a well-crafted call to action. 

Copywriting has sometimes been confused with content marketing, but they are two different tools used by businesses. Content marketing provides information about a product or service often in the form of a blog or article. The two can work hand in hand to grab a potential customer and then convert them into sales. They work together like this: Content marketing in the form of an article discussing the positive effects of good lighting on mood links to the landing page of your lighting company’s website, with action-driven copywriting that moves the visitor to click to buy your lights. A copywriter can write both the article or blog as well as the copy for your landing page. This formula works better than any large advertising campaign.

Additionally, copywriting on social media with a direct call to action, when done correctly, results in high conversion rates that can be higher than traditional online ads. Even a 1% increase in conversions is enough to make your business soar. And even if you don’t convert a visitor to a customer on the first try, that person will likely return if they’ve had a good experience on your site. This is another way that copywriting benefits your business. Good copy placed throughout your site keeps visitors and customers coming back for more. 

An experienced copywriter knows the lingo. They know that it’s not all about perfect grammar but instead, it’s about relating to the customer. As long as the copy is professional, a few well-known slang words, as they pertain to your product, can go far. Effective copywriting evokes emotion and emotional buyers make up 85% of buyers of any product or service. The idea is to appeal to the top emotional needs of most customers.  

Emotional needs, such as feeling confident, intelligent, successful, and/or attractive in addition to the need to reduce stress, are at the top of the list. If your copy can appeal to those needs, you have an above-average chance at a sale. The copy should focus on these benefits to the visitor if they buy your product or service. Old-school advertising always focused on the features that were offered instead of the need the product fulfilled.

You sho’nuff don’t wanna be old school when sellin’ to folks who ain’t old school. (Did that get the point across about perfect grammar and appealing to your target audience?)

So, now that you know the importance of copywriting, you probably want to know where to hire a copywriter who will increase your sales. The best way to find a professional copywriter is to tap into the ghostwriting market. Companies such as Ghostwriters Central, Inc., vet their writers and can provide you with the highly-skilled copywriters who can close sales for your business.