Expert Witness Peter Kent Is Also “SEO For Dummies” Author

Peter Kent is a name that is very well-known in the SEO industry but if you are not involved in related conversations, he might have flown under the radar. We are talking about one SEO specialist with a very long resume.

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Recently, Kent’s reputation as an expert witness for SEO cases skyrocketed. When hired, most people simply do not question his experience and that is completely normal. After all, we are talking about the author of “SEO For Dummies”. This book did change the industry and keeps doing so with every new edition.

In case you are not aware, “SEO For Dummies” is a highly comprehensive SEO guide that is already at its seventh edition, which makes sense since we refer to an industry that keeps evolving and changing. A guide that was written a few years ago would no longer be relevant. Peter Kent made sure his book is always relevant by constantly updating it.

What Is “SEO For Dummies”?

At its core, this is a very handy guide. Its purpose is to show the reader how to increase visitors to a site and how to increase search engine visibility. When you read it, you learn about what search engines do to rank websites, what you need to look at, and what search engines hate, among many other things.

There are numerous chapters in this guide. What is very impressive, according to actual SEO specialists that started their work by reading this guide, is that “SEO For Dummies” gives you the entire foundation you need in order to do work in this industry.

You want to use this book when you do not know much about how Google ranks sites and what you have to do for your site to get higher in search engine results. You are basically taught some important things, like:

  • How to build a search engine optimization strategy.
  • How to build pages that would rank high in search engines.
  • What XML sitemaps are.
  • How to use image search optimization.
  • How to choose keywords and track them.
  • How to get relevant backlinks from social networks and popular websites.
  • How to use PPC in order to properly use your advertising budget.

Keep in mind that this is just an over-simplification of a very complex book that is in reality so much more than just a guide for beginners. Even medium-level SEO specialists might learn something new when they read this book.

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What Else Does Peter Kent Do?

Peter Kent is a very interesting individual that few people outside the SEO industry know about. This is because he literally dedicated his life to search engine optimization and the theory behind it. At the moment, he is one of the top-rated SEO expert witnesses and is oftentimes called to consult on cases where such services are needed.

Besides his witness work, Peter Kent also offers SEO consultancy. This is even possible online through screen sharing. You can definitely trust this specialist because he is one of the few with a truly spotless reputation in the SEO industry.

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