Making It in the Pharmacy Business: What New Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Pharmacy business entrepreneur image 4r4444Being a new entrepreneur can be difficult no matter what business you’re trying to conquer, but when it comes to the ever increasingly popular pharmacy business, your struggles can get much harder – especially if you’re trying to stand out. It can often feel like you have no one to turn to for advice during these situations, so make sure that you read this list of essential information that new entrepreneurs need to know in order to make it in the pharmacy business.

Technology is Your Friend

Nowadays, technology is not only developing at a rapid and astonishing rate, but we as a species, and even more as entrepreneurs, are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to complete the simplest of tasks. If you rely on technology in your personal life, why not bring this over into your business?

There is so much amazing technology on the market, like pharmacy automation, that can not only make your business stand out but also function much better. For example, don’t hire employees to manually fill pill capsules for you but instead invest in a robot to do this for you – some can fill over 3000 capsules a minute. This will not only save you time and effort in hiring and overseeing employees, but it can also save you money as you only have to invest in a robot once, rather than paying for its every shift.

Automation in the pharmacy business imageAs well as this, a technological advancement that will save you a huge amount of time every day is electronic patient files and databases. If a customer comes into your store and wants a certain medication, you can immediately pull up their file and see if it will clash with any of their other medication, greatly speeding up this process. Technology is your friend, so don’t hide from it – embrace it!

Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

That being said, to ensure that customers know you exist and are ready and willing to serve and provide for them, it is crucial that you market effectively. Marketing is the best way to ensure that you draw in customers. You can’t expect them to know that you have opened without telling them, especially if there are plenty of larger corporation pharmacies that are grabbing their attention first.

One of the best and cheapest ways of marketing nowadays is through social media. It has been reported that social media is accessed far more often than traditional media such as television, newspapers and radio, so it’s important that you follow the trends and advertise where most people are targeting their attention.

Some of the great perks that come with using social media to market are that it is an instant publication, whereas traditional advertising methods may take more time to reach the public. Also, it’s not as permanent as traditional marketing and can be changed very quickly if there are errors. However, most importantly, it is very low-cost and sometimes even free!

Making it Big Can Take Time

It’s easy to fall into the trap of coming up with an amazing business idea that you think will change the world and then being bitterly disappointed when things don’t seem to be moving that quickly for you. Expecting to be a booming and highly successful business from your first day of opening is not only extremely unrealistic, but it can place a great amount of stress and pressure upon yourself.

You’ll most likely be asking yourself the question: what did I do wrong? The simple answer to that is nothing. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of time, mostly due to the fact that most potential customers won’t even know you exist yet.

You need to go out of your way to make sure that you are making yourself and your new business known, and if it gets to a year since opening without much success, then you can start to worry.


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