The 5 Best Phone Validators for Small Businesses In 2021

Dedicated Phone Number - 4839838Technology advancement has brought with it its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The rise in Increased fraud, the dissemination of fake news, and incidents of fake identity are only a few of the tricky disadvantages that are gaining pace.

Spam phone calls are one such havoc that is not only an annoyance for consumers. Still, they can seriously impact businesses by disrupting communications, draining marketing budgets, wreaking the call tracking reports, etc. In the past four years, spam calls have grown exponentially, with Americans alone fending off 3 billion spam calls per month!

Now it’s widespread for company business owners to get local or international scam calls. Scammers’ calls and emails, both locally and internationally.

A quick and effective solution is the use of a phone validator. A validator is a program that analyses and verifies phone numbers in real-time to real-time, both locally and internationally, to assess syntax, risk reputation, disposable phone numbers, and user screening and screening and and and perform other standard reputation checks. Validating email, identifying proxy, and rating email risks are all traditional reputation checks.

How can you know whether you need it?

Do You Need A Phone Validator?

It is essential to work with sensitive material or receive information that demands integrity must be correct.

It is essential if your work involves sensitive information or data that demands integrity or if huge business decisions are taken based on the customer database.

You may guarantee data accuracy only by being as precise as possible by employing phone validator technology.

One of the platforms, Clearout Phones, is to help boost your business by giving you the best quality leads and a cost-saving platform. But, first, let’s discuss its features.

Businesses might benefit from this if they wish to reduce the amount of fraudulent product or app signups. They will discover that this substantially decreases it because it necessitates numerous validations. You should not underestimate the significance of employing anything like this, especially if your organization will be working with mobile numbers.

It’s Advantages

It ensures that you receive the most accurate information available. Meanwhile, it adds an extra degree of protection to your business, ensuring that your clients are safe.

It is always more profitable to provide a tailored message to the user. Validate and plan to contact the user (SMS, phone), get them (before/after business hours), and in what language to contact them; this is how the Phone validation platform works.

How Can It Boost Your Company?

You will benefit your organization by making the information you get more precise by utilizing this technology. Therefore, it has a tremendously beneficial effect and becomes one of the most critical steps to gathering genuine information, mainly if you frequently deal with mobile numbers. 

There are the five best tools of phone validators to grow your business.  

ClearoutPhone performs phone number verification/validation to determine the authenticity, line type, network carrier, location, and other users’ information before contacting them by SMS/call, for example. According to the seller, it is a real-time procedure that takes less than a fraction of a second.

TextMagic is a simple way to convey messages to all employees swiftly. Textmagic is used to notify personnel about weather-related delays or closures and also utilize it to transmit various types of urgent messages during non-business hours. Suppose employees do not have access to company email or devices to check email outside of office hours. TextMagic enables us to communicate with anyone, regardless of whether or not they are on the company’s email distribution list.

Sinch is used to service the shortcodes that we employ with our clients. They provide excellent service and support, and their performance has always been exceptional. They have extra services that we do not use, so my experience is limited to their shortcode management solution, which they execute very effectively. They haven’t lost their magic till now.

Vonage APIs (previously Nexmo and TokBox) assist growing startups and agile organizations improve customer experience and achieve new business objectives at scale. Users can abstract the complexity of communications and create faster with a broad range of communication channels, a global platform, and expert assistance.

Ekata, a former Whitepages subsidiary that spun off and became a separate entity in 2019, offers identity verification, data validation, and data enrichment services using the Ekata Identity Engine (EIE), a machine learning-based system that derives links from real-time transactions within the company’s proprietary network and data licenses. The service includes address and phone number validation APIs, among other things.

Know about some validators how they work and benefits your business

You’ll minimize your chances of being conned.

Validators are responsible for various tasks, although this is the most visible—the software aids in collecting information regarding questionable phone numbers or emails. If you’re in the pay-on-delivery industry, you’ll additionally collect data on the caller’s location and the risk indicators connected with the phone number. You’ll also be able to see if the call is coming from a cell phone or a landline. Your marketing team will always be ready with a marketing plan that will benefit both users.

Using real-time checks will save you time and money.

It’s beneficial to your marketing strategy to have a current list of phone numbers. The validating tool will assist you in cleaning up old numbers, identifying and correcting mistakes, and informing your clients of any issues in their numbers.

You will save the time and resources required to manually clean and confirm contacts and the resources used to send promotional SMS/CALL to nonexistent customers. Furthermore, real-time inspections will provide you with a comprehensive image of your marketing tactics’ effectiveness.

Bulk Validation Will Help You Improve Your Accuracy and Earn You a Good Reputation.

It’s inconvenient to continually contact an incorrect number for a delivery that they do not know about because this will not only result in your phone number banned, but it will also harm your company’s image.

Bulk validation can help determine whether the connection is active, whether the number or format is incorrect, or whether the prefix is correct, among other accuracy problems that might occur when working with big data sets. It will help you save time and be more efficient while interacting with consumers.

Defend Fraud

You may use phone verification to avoid fraud in two ways.

You may validate that the individual is the account owner by using user authentication that pings phone numbers.

You may get client names and addresses from your database’s existing phone numbers on the back end. It can also help you build a more comprehensive picture of each consumer, which can help you avoid fraud.

Access Up-To-Date Information

Marketing initiatives need a significant financial commitment and a significant amount of time and work, and The number of conversions used to evaluate the outcomes.

However, it is critical to examine how the campaign functions throughout the process. Obtaining reliable data is the only method to get an accurate analysis.

You can’t get a good image of how well your marketing activities perform if your phone number list isn’t clean.

As a consequence, you may make a poor judgment concerning your marketing team’s future work.

Your specialists, for example, make 50 calls each day but only achieve ten conversions (20 percent conversion rate).


It helps companies check phone numbers to guarantee accurate information; the technology has proven critical over time. “Our number validator can detect whether your contacts’ phone numbers are landline or mobile devices.

  1. Validating phone numbers is an essential element of any phone marketing strategy.
  2. You might squander time, money, and effort if you don’t have a clean phone number list, as well as destroy your reputation and lose existing business.
  3. Invest in a phone validation service unless your list of phone numbers is quite limited.

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