Phone Verification Solutions for Your Website

If you’re looking for a way to authenticate users, improve profitability, and increase safety on your website, then phone verification is one of the best solutions available. This allows you to verify their identity and it reduces problems like identity theft, abusing free trials, and scamming your system.

This article will teach you more about verification solutions and why you need them.

Why You Need Phone Verification?

If you’re like most businesses, then you’re amassing lots of information on your customers. The phone numbers are great, but there are several problems with them. A basic database usually won’t standardize the numbers. Some will have dashes while others won’t. This can become an issue. Many systems also won’t check if the phone number is valid or whether it’s mobile or landline.

That’s where a phone verification system comes in. This will automatically check that information to ensure the number is valid and usable. It will also check for the time zone so that you know the best times to call or text.

Another great benefit is that it ensures the number is actually real. It’s easy for someone to enter a random number like 123-456-7890 or 888-888-8888, but this program will see if the number is fake and prevent the user from making an account.

How to Know if You Need Verification?

Not every business needs a verification service. If your business doesn’t collect phone information on users or allow them to make accounts, then you may not need this service. You may also not need it if rarely or never contact users via phone.

At the same time, this is becoming more common. More businesses are reaching out to customers via text messages or automated verification messages.

A verification system improves deliverability and ensures that you can easily reach users if you need to. This can be for sending them messages about discounts or verifying their identity if they are changing their password. Phone numbers can be very useful to your business, but only if you verify them and ensure they are working.

Benefits of Verification

Verifying a user’s identity is great, but what does that do for your business? You need to consider cost and profit whenever you invest in a new solution. This can help reduce costs by scrubbing through your database and removing fake numbers. Since it standardizes your database, you can also expect a better delivery rate so that you reach more people.

In terms of making more money, a verification system ensures that you can easily reach customers when you need to. This gives you another avenue to offer discounts and to connect with them directly. This added exposure makes it easier to bring existing customers back to buy more.

According to the experts at CDYNE, this solution can “instantly verify your contacts’ phone numbers, time zones and locations to target customers more precisely and boost conversions rates.”


Phone verification systems are essential if you collect phone numbers from your customers. Not only do they ensure that the numbers are real, but this can decrease costs while increasing revenue.

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