How to Pick the Best SEO Agency for Your London-based SEO Campaign

Are you sure you have the right people working on your SEO campaign? How qualified is your SEO team? What amount of experience do they possess?

SEO content strategies - Article about SEO agency 1211 imageThe professionalism and experience are not enough to determine the reliability of the SEO service providers. You will have to communicate with the SEO company almost regularly to ensure that your website is running smoothly. Many companies claim to drive your online business to the top of the search results. Some even claim to bring a significant amount of organic traffic to your website.

However, a business must conduct research before finalizing the deal. You don’t want to get stuck with an unprofessional SEO team that uses blackhat tactics to rank your website on Google. Here are some tips for selecting the best SEO agency for your London-based SEO campaign.

  • Qualification and Specialties

SEO is a broad term. You must know whether the company you are hiring offers both on-page and off-page SEO services. It is also important to check the experience and past jobs of the company before hiring them.

The best place to learn about their qualifications and specialties is their website. Check their service page to know the services they specialize in. Check the awards, certification, qualification, and training section. You will also want to know if the service providers offer any service other than SEO.

  • Check Reviews and References

No one would like to hire an SEO company with negative ratings and reviews. To ensure that the company you are choosing is professional and experienced, you must check the previous customer’s reviews on their website. You can even use Yelp, Facebook, and other channels to collect unbiased reviews.

Reference is another important factor. Go through the portfolio and case study section of the website and accumulate the previous client’s information. You can contact the references mentioned on the website to find out the accuracy of the company.

  • Follow their Social Media Accounts and Blogs

A website will provide you with formal information about the company. But, Facebook and Blogs can help you collect more information about the SEO service providers. You can follow them on social media or subscribe to their email newsletter to get to know the company in a less formal way.

You can also assess their professionalism by reviewing the content they are posting on these platforms.

  • Compare Prices

Some SEO services will charge you a per hour fee while others may sign a one-year contract with your company. Never sign a contract without settling the price. Some SEO service providers are open to negotiations, especially if you are offering a long-term contract. Try to find an SEO company that quotes a competitive price.

You can check and compare the prices online to find out whether the company charges a competitive price or not. However, never let the price be the only factor to hire an SEO company. You don’t want the SEO company to compromise the quality of the services just because they offer low rates.

  • Know the Guarantee

It is important to note that any professional SEO agency cannot guarantee results. Each website is different. It is almost impossible for a digital marketing agency to offer a guarantee. However, some SEO companies guarantee high-quality services and regular support.

They implement the best on-page and off-page tactics, monitor your website regularly, draw reports based on the regular performance, and are ready to take your feedback for improvements. For example, ClickSlice – SEO agency in the heart of London is one such company that guarantees high-quality services at a competitive price.

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