Pick from the most popular engagement ring styles

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be stressful, except when you have the perfect guide to making those OG choices! Falling in love with your sweetheart and making that momentous decision to marry your forever person these milestones are memorable and deserve to be celebrated. It is natural for your choice of engagement ring to reflect your style and your personality.

The engagement ring typically features a solitaire diamond. Diamond engagement rings hark back to the early 1780s when people exchanged vintage rings in formal ceremonies in the royal courts. Needless to say, these rings are decadent and set with filigree work, all handmade, which even today is popular with young couples. Let’s explore some popular engagement ring styles to decode your engagement ring style.

Resplendent Solitaire

For the classically inclined, the solitaire setting is the quintessential style for an engagement ring. Incorporate a You and Me solitaire pair in the Toi Et Moi style, or choose prong settings with diamond accents for that perfect, clean finish.

Or you could play with the shank design, with bezel setting, channel set diamonds, lining up the small diamonds in a row, leading up to the solitaire. One can also design it as nesting or stackable jewelry to wear to match your wedding band! This is one ring style where you can dress up or just lounge in and yet, exude sophistication, a design for the ages and all seasons.  

Center stones of one and a half carat and greater make for excellent solitaire engagement ring settings, with the size of the gem being significant enough to be the focal aspect of the ring. Adding accents, colored gemstones, filigrees, or even a halo, can only accentuate the radiant sparkle of the solitaire.

Eternally Halo

Halos is a term from ancient Greek and Latin that translates to the sun or moon disk. True to its namesake, a disk encircles the solitaire in an engagement ring, wrapping around the center pointer, either once or twice. These halos can be of the same metal as your ring. Most metals are either yellow, white, or rose gold; we would recommend making your choice depending on skin tone, personal preference, and the light source, keeping both natural and ambient in mind.

Secret halo engagement ring settings with the accent of pave-set diamonds on a halo crafted at the base of the diamond reflect the gorgeous radiance of the solitaire. If you choose to ‘Create Your Own Ring,’ the halo’s placement could enhance the solitaire’s beauty.

The halo design has gained immense popularity, making the center diamond set in a ring appear more prominent. Earrings and pendants, especially anniversary jewelry, use this style to match the ring.

Expert craftsmanship in executing the design elements makes for a stylish and opulent engagement ring. The halo design is versatile to suit any engagement ring style, budget, and design sensibilities.

Artfully Vintage

If you love the Renaissance period, the Medieval period, or even the use of motifs from an Era, then a vintage engagement ring would aptly fit your style quotient. For Art, Architecture, and History lovers, using emblems and motifs in vintage engagement ring settings with diamonds and fine gemstones is the pinnacle of bespoke jewelry.

With the use of fine metals, in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, there are several ways to add a touch of culture and personal style to the ring. Be sure to check if your jeweler can engrave, inset, or inlay your ring with customized design elements, as well, to add to the design experience.

Shared life experiences, a memorable trip to Champs Elysees, a love for spicy food, Religion, Art, History, Science, or even shared values can translate into a Vintage Engagement Ring Setting, depending on the artisanry and craftsmanship of the ring. Memories of a shared love never age nor dim with time; this is the perfect setting for those who vibe with this feel.   

Choosing the engagement ring for your personality is the best way to wear and flaunt your style, pairing it with your wedding band. Your engagement ring can be your expression of love and the beginning to forge your forever. 

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