Pinterest’s New Features and Ad Solutions for 2023: Overview

With an impressive user base of over 465 million and a unique commercial mindset, Pinterest has become a beacon of inspiration for individuals and businesses alike. The platform has recently revealed a suite of new products and ad solutions, expanding its capabilities and positioning itself as an industry-leading full-funnel solution.

This article delves into the details of these updates, their impact, and how they enhance the Pinterest experience for both users and advertisers.

A Glimpse into the New Products and Ad Solutions

At the recent Pinterest Presents event, the platform unveiled an assortment of new and updated products and features aimed at users, advertisers, and agencies. These enhancements span across the entire consumer journey on the platform, from discovery to decision-making to execution.

Ad Formats Redesigned to Engage and Reach Users

Understanding the needs of advertisers to reach potential consumers during their planning phases, Pinterest’s robust product roadmap includes a variety of ad solutions. These solutions are designed to help brands and advertisers reach their target audiences and guide them from discovery to decision-making.

Premiere Spotlight: A New Way to Gain Maximum Visibility

Source: Pinterest

Premiere Spotlight allows brands to take over premium ad placements on the platform and promote their campaigns. The feature has now been extended from search to the home feed, ensuring advertisers can reach users from the moment they open Pinterest.

Showcase Ads: Providing an Interactive Experience

Showcase ads are a new interactive ad solution that allows users to preview and explore a brand’s content by swiping through branded images. This feature enables brands to create rich, interactive experiences that invite users to delve deeper into the brand’s universe.

Quiz Ads: A New Level of Personalization

Quiz ads offer a deeper level of personalization for a brand’s idea on Pinterest. Brands can include up to three questions per quiz, providing an entertaining experience for users and helping them discover more personalized ideas.

Improved Features for Agencies

Pinterest also announced improvements to its automated business tools to assist agencies and platform partners in managing their clients’ Pinterest presence.

Business Manager: A One-Stop Solution

Pinterest Business Manager is a comprehensive tool for agencies and advertisers to manage employees, partners, accounts, and more securely and efficiently. The platform has added five new features to the tool, including comprehensive business dashboards and new audience sharing features.

A Sneak Peek into the Creative Studio

Creative Studio is a new tool that provides brands with a quick way to generate lifestyle imagery for their Pins. Brands can simply add their Pin link, choose the prompts that meet their needs, and Creative Studio will generate a selection of custom background images.

Transforming Pinterest into a Shopping Hub

Pinterest is not just a place for inspiration, but also a shopping hub. The platform has integrated shopping across all its core surfaces and has introduced new features to facilitate the transition from discovery to purchase.

Mobile Deep Links and Direct Links

Pinterest recently introduced mobile deep links for Pinterest managed advertisers and is now adding direct links as new ways to help shoppers on Pinterest go from discovery to purchase, thereby increasing conversion for retailers.

eCommerce Integrations

Pinterest is expanding its integration ecosystem to include Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce native applications. These integrations allow merchants to manage their Pinterest product catalogs and set up directly within the applications they already use.

Introducing Collages: A New Way to Visualize and Curate Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Collages are a new feature designed to help users personalize ideas, visualize possibilities, and creatively refine their vision. This feature allows users to cut objects out of a Pin and combine them with other cutouts to create interactive collages of their favorite ideas.


Pinterest’s latest product updates and ad solutions reflect the platform’s commitment to becoming the go-to source for inspiration and action. By defying self-doubt and encouraging users to “Don’t Don’t Yourself,” Pinterest continues to redefine the way we discover, decide, and do. With these new features, Pinterest is not only enhancing its platform but also paving the way for a more interactive and engaging user experience.

For more information on the updates and features announced at Pinterest Presents 2023, visit the Pinterest Business Site.

Opinion – A Closer Look at the New Features and Innovations

Pinterest’s recent revelations at its annual global advertiser summit illustrate a meticulously painted vision, endeavoring to reshape user, advertiser, and agency experiences on the platform. The canvas is rich, but is it vibrant enough to capture the essence of genuine user interaction and needs?

Questioning the Diversity in Ad Formats

The influx of users turning to Pinterest for inspiration is undeniably vast, emphasizing the crucial need for varied and effective ad formats. However, the introduction of Premiere Spotlight and Showcase Ads raises questions about user-centric innovation versus advertiser-centered priorities. These new formats are commendable for their engaging and immersive qualities, yet one cannot help but ponder whether these innovations may, inadvertently, saturate the user experience with overwhelming brand interactions, overshadowing the essence of discovery that Pinterest was built on.

The Puzzle of Personalization

Quiz ads and their promise of a deeper level of personalization reflect a recognition of modern user expectations. The interactivity and tailored content are seemingly strategic moves, but is Pinterest striking the right balance between personalization and user autonomy? The idea of quizzing users might seem novel, but the true test lies in whether these quizzes serve the user’s genuine interests or merely serve as a gimmick to feed the advertising machinery. The alignment between engaging content and user value will determine the real impact of such features.

The Tightrope of Business Tools and Creative Solutions

Enhancements to the Business Manager and the unveiling of Creative Studio are clear indicators of Pinterest’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to advertisers. However, the real challenge lies in ensuring these tools don’t overshadow the platform’s primary focus on user creativity and discovery. The streamlined operations and the swift generation of lifestyle imagery are progressive steps, but are they also compromising the authenticity and originality of the content generated? It is crucial for Pinterest to tread carefully, maintaining a harmonious balance between advertiser facilitation and user-centric creativity.

A Shopping Utopia or a Muddled Vision?

Pinterest’s accelerated efforts to integrate shopping seem to be in sync with user inclinations, but are they truly enhancing or, paradoxically, diluting the user experience? The introduction of direct and mobile deep links could potentially simplify the journey from discovery to purchase, but there is an inherent risk of transforming a platform of inspiration into a mere transactional hub. It raises the concern: Is Pinterest losing its essence in the pursuit of becoming a shoppable platform?

Moreover, the introduction of collages brings a fresh and innovative approach to user interaction, but does it also clutter the user’s space with excessive features? The seamless visualization and curation of ideas it offers are praiseworthy, yet the real value lies in whether users find genuine joy and inspiration in using such features, without feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and interactions.

Concluding Thoughts

Pinterest’s newly painted vision is ambitious, aspiring to merge inspiration with action, but it’s crucial to ask whether this vision is a harmonious blend or a conflicting amalgamation of user-centric and advertiser-driven innovations. The platform needs to ensure that the new features and innovations are not just mere embellishments but are aligned with the core values of discovery and inspiration that Pinterest stands for.

The announcements are a bold step forward, but Pinterest needs to continually reassess its trajectory to ensure that the innovations are fostering genuine user interactions and are not diluting the essence of the platform in the pursuit of commercial success. The delicate balance between innovation, user experience, and advertiser satisfaction will determine whether Pinterest’s roadmap is a beacon or a mirage in the digital landscape.