Planning Your Next Adventure with Friends

While traveling is always an exciting adventure, doing so with friends is something else entirely. You’ll be able to have a blast, make memories together that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and get to see the world from a completely different perspective. However, when it comes to planning, there are so many things that you need to take into consideration in order to make sure that your trip is spectacular. 


The first thing you need to do is pick a destination that you’re all interested in. Try and ensure that there’s a mix of history, culture, food, beautiful scenery, shopping and a whole lot of fun. If you’re heading out to Geneva, for instance, then you can consider something different. If you’re looking for an educational trip with all of the above, you can even opt for science trips to Geneva, where you’ll be able to combine education and fun together.

From exploring a plethora of scientific instruments and science history to some of the most incredible scenery and landscapes that Geneva has to offer, you’ll definitely be able to combine several different aspects to ensure that your trip is adventurous, educational and entertaining, too.

Golden gate bridge in the background and two women in the foreground seen from behindGroup Travel Discounts

Whether you’re booking through an agency or on your own, make sure you capitalize on group discounts that you can get by booking all together. This can make a huge difference in terms of costs on most travel related expenses such as flight tickets, hotels or accommodation, renting a car together or even group transportation tickets. You’ll even find that many attractions or monuments offer group discounts on entrance fees, too.


When booking accommodation in large groups, it’s always best to rent an apartment together instead of opting for a hotel. Not only will it be a lot cheaper when divided amongst you, but it also completely changes the dynamics of the trip. It allows you to enjoy staying indoors together, and you can even choose to make your own party at home instead of going out seeking an adventure. Not only that, but staying together  allows you to get a whole lot more personal with your friends and shows you different sides of them you didn’t know existed.

When you travel with someone and stay in the same accommodation, you really get to know them inside out, creating a stronger bond.

Book in Advance

In order to get good deals, it is best to try and prepare way ahead of your travel time and try to make use of discounts that are available when you book in advance. With flights and accommodation, especially when you choose to travel off season and make the booking ahead of time, you find more options available with better prices, allowing you to save a great deal of expenses that you would probably have to endure if you book last minute.

However, when you wait, most of these options are already taken and you’ll only be left with the expensive deals due to the high demand.

Assign Different Roles

In order to make the entire process easier, you should assign roles to each member and have just one person in charge of researching, deciding and finalizing one task to avoid overburdening a specific person and make it a group effort instead. That way, the entire planning process will be a whole lot easier, as everyone will be in charge of something different, dividing the hectic planning amongst different members.

Do your Research Thoroughly

Before travelling to a new location, you need to do your research thoroughly to make sure you’re prepared. Whether it’s for the visa procedures, health and travel insurance, culture or even what to do when you get there. Being prepared will help to not only guarantee that you have a great time, but also prepare for any possible scenarios that could occur.

You should also exchange currency in advance or remember to notify your bank that you’re traveling in order to avoid bank issues and having your cards being put on hold in fear of fraud. Don’t forget to research about the weather for the duration of your trip to allow you to pack accordingly and try to pack as light as possible in order to have enough room for shopping or gifts.

Traveling with friends is an excellent experience, but in order to make it the ultimate trip, it’s best to be completely prepared, aligned with your friends on the type of trip you’re interested in and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Once you share the tasks between you and everyone adds their own touch, you’ll be sure that the entire group of friends will be happy and that you’ll have an awesome trip.


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