Planning to buy a new water purifier? This is what you need to know

A water purifier’s purchasing journey includes a lot of enumerations that the buyer has to do beforehand. Every human being requires access to clean, pure drinking water, but, unfortunately not everyone has it. A water purification system is essential to make the ease of living. 

When it comes to a fundamental right like this, there is no question of compromising. If you’re looking to replace your old water purifier and want to get a new one, then you have come to the right place. As an important domestic appliance like this, here are some features to note down to buy the best water purifier along with the water purifier price

TDS water level: It is no longer unknown that the water TDS level is the first and foremost important subject to check. The Total Dissolved Solids level of your water determines the type of water purifier your home will be needing. As a result of the presence of contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, and excessive TDS, the quality of water from these sources may not be good. It makes sense that more people are using water purifiers to clean their drinking water. 

Higher TDS level is the reason for hard water. Hard unpurified water not only stains your taps and sinks but also damages your health by causing stomach aches, diarrhoea, black-foot syndromes etc. Therefore, use a TDS metre to measure the TDS level before looking for a water purifier. 

Purification Technology: Once you know the TDS level of you the water, it is time to decide the type of water purifier. Modern water purifiers come in a lot of forms and sometimes with the combination of 2 or more types of purification systems. 

So if your water source contains a higher amount of heavy, dissolved metals then a RO water purifier might be adequate for that situation. If you are not sure about the hygiene of your water and want to remove bacteria and viruses then perhaps a RO+UV will be an ideal choice for you and your family. 

Capacity:  It is also mandated to check, how much water your water purifier can filter in a day, especially if you have a family of four or more. A particular quantity of water can be purified by water purifiers each hour. So, choose a filter with a high water purification capacity in order to purify the water required for the entire day in a span of a few hours. Nonetheless, 20 litres per hour is the appropriate purifying capacity of a modern water purification system. 

Maintainance: Nowadays, while coping with a busy lifestyle, maintaining and cleaning a water purifier can seem like additional chores. Some water purifiers repeatedly need filter changes or cleaning, which is time-consuming and can be expensive. The classification of modern water purifiers is low maintenance. You should look at a few low-maintenance water filters which will save your trip for water purifier service

Storage Quantity: Storage capacity is another significant aspect to consider when selecting a water filter. The storage capacity refers to how much clean water the water purifier can hold in storage at one time. Especially if you face power cuts frequently. You can select the storage based on family your needs. A water purifier with 6 to 7 litres is considered to be sufficient for you if you have a nuclear or medium family.

Now, when you come across all these standard features to look for in a high-end water filter, here is a range of purifiers that covers this all along with some additional features. Keeping sustainability and technology in mind, Pureit introduced the Vital series which includes some innovative water purifiers.

  • Pureit Vital Series of RO+UV+MP Water Purifiers- The initial impressive feature of this purifier is the ingenious FiltraPower technology on top of that advanced RO+UV configuration that efficiently removes microorganisms, pesticides, and industrial pollutants, which are hazardous compounds and certainly provides water that is delicious and safe to drink. This purifier by Pureit has a maximum 7-litre internal storage tank and a higher flow rate of 24 L/H, so you can have clean water throughout the day. This purifier range is a budget-friendly option as per the market standard of water purifier price.
  • Pureit Copper Range Water Purifier- Pureit Copper range of purifiers is a sophisticated collection of water-saving purifiers that improves the health of your family by combining current technology and traditional goodness. Its multi-stage RO+UV+MF purification process cleans water as the exclusive Copper Charge Technology charges it with copper goodness.  Along with top-notch copper-enriched purification, this purifier adds important minerals to water, such as calcium and magnesium for the betterment of your health. These features make it the best-in-class water purifier for your household requirements.
  • Pureit Eco RO Water Purifier- Last addition to this list will be this range of eco-friendly water filters. In this range with a digital purity indicator, water quality is detected up to 5000 times per second, indicating how pure your water is. TDS in and TDS out values for your drinking water are displayed. This purifier collection includes an antiscalant, which guarantees that the RO Membrane lasts as long as possible and prevents components from scaling, bad odour, and contamination. This range meets tough international criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water by eliminating one billion viruses and ten billion bacteria from one litre of water. These qualities make this range also a significant fit for your home.  m

You can check all these purifiers by Pureit and other various options of water filters

 and even compare to find the best for your liking. 

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