Things You Should Never Miss When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. There are so many things you need to plan beforehand and you will definitely wish that everything goes according to the plan when this beautiful time finally comes. There are, however, some things you may easily forget when you plan your wedding.

Planning your wedding image 1 - 2232234Here are some things you should never miss when planning your wedding.

Weather conditions

Having a plan B in case of bad weather is vital. Whether we talk about hot, sunny days or the possibility of sudden rain, you need to make some arrangements beforehand in case things don’t go according to the initial plan. You could, for example, have an indoor venue available in case you need it. It is also, important to know when the sunset will take place. This time is perfect for unique photographs, therefore you may wish to know and be ready.

Gratuity cost

A thing brides and grooms usually overlook when they plan their wedding is any additional costs that might be incurred. For example, when you look at the final cost of your catering, you should have in mind that a gratuity cost will most probably be needed at the end of the night. There is also, the number of tips you will have to share with the professionals that took part in the ceremony, for instance, the photographers or the waiters. Another gratuity cost that could possibly occur has to do with the wedding bands. When your husband offers you the ring of your dreams, you may wish to offer something symbolic to the employee of the shop as a sign of gratitude.

Planning your wedding image 2 - 3323Transportation

Transportation is often overlooked when you are planning your wedding. Apart from the initial arrival of the bridal party, it is also, important to arrange some kind of transport means that will take you from the reception to your next destination, whether it is your home, a hotel or some after-party, Couples usually don’t drive themselves during their wedding day and therefore they need to have planned a means of transportation beforehand.

Overtime costs

You may not find it possible that something like that may happen, but you should still have a clear view beforehand about any potential overtime costs. For example, you may wish to stay all night at your ceremony venue. You will wish to know what the extra cost for the DJs or the bartenders will be. It is also more convenient if you give them notice before the time of the event that such a possibility may occur.

Music for the eventMusic

Having a variety of music choices is really important when you are planning your wedding. The type of wedding music bands you will invite to your wedding depends a lot on your personal preferences, but you should also, take into account your guest list, as well. For example, you cannot only focus on a certain type of music, like rock and roll if many of your guests are of younger ages. You will need to add some choices that will satisfy them, as well.

Variety of meals

When you are planning your wedding meal, it is important that you think about all of your guests. Some of them may have certain types of allergies, while others may be vegetarians. The ideal solution is to know beforehand if any of your guests have such an issue and notify your caterer in advance. You should include a variety of foods that cover everyone’s tastes, as well.

It is true that planning the perfect wedding is everyone’s dream. However, there are many little details that need to be arranged before such a ceremony takes place. Cautious planning is the key to a perfect planning without unforeseen circumstances