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Everyone has, at some point, found managing their finances difficult. This is especially true with tech platforms claiming to be the next big thing to help you. But amidst all this confusion is a silent hero, PocketSmith. 

PocketSmith has made a name for itself for its intuitive features like automatic bank feeds, transaction categorization, and financial forecasting. PocketSmith stands as a cornerstone in the finance management landscape. 

With PocketSmith, you’ll gain clarity into your cash flow, spending habits, and net worth. Connect all your financial accounts like checking, savings, credit cards, investments, mortgages, and loans in one place. PocketSmith automatically categorizes transactions, detects duplicates, and learns recurring bills.

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Key Features of PocketSmith

One of the best features of PocketSmith is how it automatically connects to your bank accounts and credit cards to import your transactions and balances. No more manually entering expenses or figuring out your account balances – PocketSmith does it all for you automatically.

PocketSmith also provides useful forecasts so you know what’s coming and can plan accordingly. The cash flow forecast shows your expected income and expenses over the next few months, so you can anticipate any shortfalls. The budget calendar gives you an overview of your monthly budget in an easy-to-understand calendar layout. Adjustments are a breeze if needed.

For those dealing in multiple currencies, PocketSmith supports multi-currency transactions. Add accounts in different currencies, and PocketSmith will track them for you, handling the conversions automatically. No more confusion over exchange rates!

Subscription Plans and Cost

PocketSmith offers flexible subscription plans compared to other platforms like Quicken to suit any budgeting need. Whether you’re a casual or advanced budgeter, you have an affordable option.

Basic Plan

Great for casual budgeters, the Basic plan includes:

  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Manual transaction imports
  • Up to 12 budgets
  • 6-month projection window
  • Manage two accounts

This free option allows you to link your accounts, set budgets, and see how your finances may look over the next six months. The Basic plan is very budget-friendly for $6.25/month or $5/month billed annually. This gives you a taste of the platform and allows you to learn for free compared to other platforms like YNAB that don’t have free plans.

Premium Plan

Upgrade to the Premium plan for $9.95/month or $7.50/month annually. This advanced option is ideal if you want:

  • Unlimited budgets
  • Automatic transaction categorization
  • 10-year projection window
  • Manage up to 12 accounts

With more budgets, longer projections, and automatic categorization, the Premium plan provides greater insight into your current and future finances.

Super Plan

The Super plan offers PocketSmith’s complete set of features for maximum budgeting power. For $19.95/month or $14.16/month annually, you get:

  • All Premium features
  • Unlimited accounts
  • 30-year projection window

For those who want the full PocketSmith experience, the Super plan provides unmatched budgeting capabilities and decades-long financial projections.

Who Should Avoid Using PocketSmith?

PocketSmith is a great free budgeting tool for simple personal finance needs, but it may not be ideal for everyone. If the following describes you, you may want to consider other options:

You only have one or two accounts.

While PocketSmith allows you to connect two bank accounts for free, other free budgeting apps provide a better experience for simple budgets. PocketSmith shines when you have multiple accounts to manage.

You want a premium experience for free.

The free version of PocketSmith is suitable for basic individual budgets, but you’ll need to pay for a spending plan subscription to access more advanced features like bill reminders, custom reports, and financial goal setting. If you need those tools, a different free budgeting app may suit you better.

You have complex finances.

PocketSmith can handle a wide range of accounts and budgets, but it may feel limited if your financial situation involves investment accounts, rental properties, or business finances. Other budgeting software is designed specifically for more complex financial needs.

You prefer lots of automation.

While PocketSmith provides useful reports and insights, it requires manual entry of most transactions and budgets. If you prefer a highly automated approach where transactions are automatically categorized and budgets are generated based on your spending history, PocketSmith may frustrate you. Look for budgeting apps that emphasize automation and AI.

Final Thoughts on PocketSmith

PocketSmith offers a full range of budgeting tools whether you’re a casual budgeter or a financial guru. Automatic bank feeds and cash flow forecasts give you an overview of your finances, while the envelope-based budgeting system helps ensure you stay within budget each month. 

Multi-currency support is ideal for those with international clients or investments. Robust security features like two-factor authentication give you peace of mind. If you’re looking for personal finance software with the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, PocketSmith is an excellent choice. 

With flexible features to suit casual and serious budgeters and plans for any budget, it provides an unparalleled package for gaining control and insight into your finances. Plus, the 50% discount is better than that offered by PocketSmith’s competitor, Money Dance. Take advantage of our PocketSmith coupon code to save 50% on your first two months and see how PocketSmith can work for you. To sign up for PocketSmith, click here.