Popup Banners Can Increase Awareness Around Your eLearning Business – Here’s How

Popup banners - elearning businessDigital technology makes learning easier than ever before. To help people learn in a digital world, many businesses partner with eLearning companies. To help expand the reach of your eLearning company, it’s beneficial to include popup ads in your company’s advertising arsenal. 

Here’s a helpful guide about how pop up banners increases awareness for eLearning companies.

What makes popup banners so beneficial?

Whether you’re offering new courses, sales, or something else, it’s extremely wise to use popup ads. These types of ads are natural attention grabbers. Also, they’re impossible for the average user to avoid. Popup ads are also effective, much more than other types of opt-in advertising.

How these banners increase awareness for your eLearning company

Popup ads are new windows that open above a website. If done correctly, these ads are great for increasing awareness. 

You can use popup ads to increase awareness about:

  • Brand-New products and services
  • Promotions
  • News about your company
  • And much more

To increase awareness, you’ll need attention-grabbing popup ads. Learning a few helpful tips in creating high-converting pop up ads for eLearning Companies will help increase visitor click-through and conversion rates. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to learn a few ad designs and copywriting tips. Let’s start with a closer look at how to design your ad.

Tips for designing high-converting popup banner campaigns

It’s important to think about when you’ll deploy your popup ad. Launching this ad as soon as a visitor lands on your webpage is rarely the best idea. Instead, offer value before trying to entice your reader to take action. This can be an introduction paragraph about your business or the beginning of a helpful post you’ve created.

Many companies find it’s wise to use exit popups. These ads only launch when someone is leaving their websites. This is beneficial because it displays your company’s ad message after a user is completing what they need to do.

If you’re like many internet users, you’re using a mobile device to read this. The popularity of mobile devices, including phones and tablets makes it easy to browse the internet from anywhere. To ensure these users see your website’s popup ads, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Your company’s website likely receives a mixture of mobile and non-mobile visitors. To ensure your popup ads look great on any device, test it out on several computers and mobile devices. During these checks, make sure your ads load fast, look great and are easy to read.

Increase conversion with these banner copywriting secrets

22 Popup banners - elearning businessIf you want your company’s popup banners to convert, it’s wise to learn about a few copywriting secrets. While preparing ad-copy for your banners, it’s important to utilize the power of exclusivity. This means using words, including exclusive, now, special and fast. Adding these words also gives your ads a sense of urgency.

Also, it’s wise to use words that cause readers to take action. With that said, ensure readers know exactly what they’re getting. Avoid being ambiguous and be clear what you’re offering anyone viewing this ad.

If you’re offering a special discount, let people know how much they’ll be saved. On the other hand, you might be trying to entice people to become a member of your eLearning company. If this is the case, let potential members learn about everything they’ll gain by becoming a member.

Almost nothing plummets click-through and conversation rates faster than the walls of boring text. As mentioned earlier, readers won’t spend minutes looking over your ad. Make every word count and omit any unnecessary words. It might also be helpful to have a few other people look over your ad’s message to get other opinions.


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