Portugal Tightens the Rules for Obtaining Golden Visas

The Portuguese government has decided to change the program for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal by investment. The new rules will come into force on January 1, 2022.

The reasons for such dramatic changes are not mentioned. One thing is sure: it will be more difficult and more expensive to obtain a Golden Visa from 2022.

Portugal Golden Visa — what will change

  •  The amount of investments in opening bank deposits and securities will grow from €1 million to €1.5 million.
  •  Investments in the shares of Portuguese funds will increase from €350,000 to €500,000.
  •  The amount of investment in real estate will remain at the same level. But coastal zones, Lisbon, Porto, and their suburbs will be excluded from the list of properties available for purchase. The opportunity to buy real estate in the inner mainland of Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores will remain.
  •  Investments in companies with the creation of ten jobs will grow from €350,000 to €500,000
  •  Finally, the opportunities for investment in scientific research will also change: the minimum amount instead of €350,000 will be €500,000.

Note! The changes will not affect commercial real estate.

Residence permit in Portugal by investment: program features

The Portugal Golden Visa Residence Program is considered the most profitable and convenient in Europe in terms of price-quality ratio. The Portugal program offers the broadest range of investment options, from real estate purchases to scientific research funding. The entire procedure takes no more than eight months and requires only one visit to the country.

The Golden Visa owners travel freely in the Schengen area, do business in one of the most reliable economies in Europe and live in a country whose capital is one of the three best cities in the world for emigrants.

The requirements for those who want to obtain a residence permit in Portugal by buying real estate or three other investment options are minimal:

  •  you need to have a sterling personal and business reputation
  •  your name must not be on the sanctions lists or among the persons who are prohibited from entering the countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada
  •  you have to be able to confirm the legality of the source of income
  •  you need to have a police clearance certificate.

Those who meet these simple requirements can apply for a residence permit in Portugal. Moreover, in addition to yourself, you can add to the application:

  •  spouse
  •  unmarried children
  •  children with mental or physical disabilities (their age does not matter)
  •  parents (your own or spouse’s ones).

Residence permit in Portugal: not only convenient but also profitable

The most profitable option for obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa is buying a property. This method offers at least two ways to make money.

  •  The purchased property can be rented out. Portugal is one of the tour leaders in Europe, which means that the purchased building will become a source of considerable income.
  •  Real estate prices in Portugal are constantly growing, which means that the acquired building can be sold with a good profit after some time.

Note! To renew your residence permit, you must own real estate at €500,000 for the first five years.

Portugal after immigration

Having successfully received a Golden Visa, think about small everyday details that are non-fungible for a modern person — from a bank card to a driver’s license.

But if you receive a residence permit in Portugal with the help of the Migronis company, then there is nothing to worry about. Migronis post-immigration service guarantees you are opening a local bank account, registering a company, obtaining a driver’s license, local phone number, and many other necessary documents.

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