Find The Right POS System For Your Brand New Online Store

POS systems allow you to process transactions in a variety of ways. While some require you to use specific hardware, other systems give you the freedom to choose the device as per your business’s requirements. POS systems have progressed in terms of how they were used for businesses. Today you have a plethora of options to choose from where you get advanced features that help you manage your business with ease. These complex systems can help make inventory and customer management easy. They can also help with receipt generation, managing your employee data, and reports among other functions.

As a business that is just starting out, you may find it daunting to go through a large number of POS options. Which is why this concise list has been prepared for you. Check out these 5 e-commerce platforms that offer POS options that are best suited for small businesses.

There are many POS systems on the market today. There are, for example, Retail, Wholesale, Cafe, Restaurant, Pharmacy, and Deli POS Systems.

Square POS

Square has a range of features that will benefit you as a new online store owner. At no costs to you, you get sales reports, customer management, inventory management, and analytics features. While Square POS is free and you get a card reader when you sign up, you’re required to pay per transaction. There are convenient integration options available with Square POS system such as producing invoices and sending digital receipts to customers.  Square POS system can be a good option for you if you want to start off with something simple that provides you with sufficient capabilities to manage your store.

POS System image 3233
Square POS system is great for new store owners.

Vend POS

Vend is another great option that is a cloud-based POS system. Vend is good for new store owners who don’t sell often. If you’re a seasonal seller or an occasional seller, then Vend is the choice for you. It supports up to 1000 customers. On Vend, you can start to sell from your Mac, PC, or iPad. You can sell through Vend online or even in-person. There features that make Vend POS system a great fit are easy inventory management, integrations with Shopify and Xero, employee management, and sales analysis features to understand how your business is doing.

Shopify POS

One of the most cost-effective options for your new store is the Shopify POS system. It won’t take you long to understand how it works which is ideal for any new store owner.  Shopify is flexible which makes it suitable for a wide range of shop owners. The automatic syncing of order data, customer data, and inventory data ensures you have the latest information always. You can manage your store from your phone. You get features such as accepting orders when offline, creating custom payment receiving methods, collaboration tools, and detailed reports that can help you in improving your business. Shopify provides an extensive set of features which can enable you to be in charge of your store from the start.

Shopify is an excellent choice for new store owners.

Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS system is a mobile POS software that provides management features that are essential for running a business. For new store owners, Loyverse can be a good start because it provides practical features such as the ability to work offline and then sync later. Loyverse POS currently provides integration with only Vantiv so you can accept payments made through credit cards. You can conveniently give discounts, manage loyalty programs, manage stores that are scattered in different locations, and send receipts to your customers.


KORONA POS is a cloud-based solution built for retailers, QSRs, and ticketing operations. The point of sale software boasts some of the strongest inventory management and product reporting features of any solution on the market. KORONA is great for businesses that require more customization but still at an affordable entry-level price. Their team will help all new customers with extensive training and onboarding so that users are confident that everything is working smoothly. All customer support is available for free 24/7 and KORONA doesn’t require it’s customers to sign up for contracts and pay any hidden fees. Even better, they are processing agnostic, meaning that users can choose any payment processor that they desire. They have a free trial as well that doesn’t require a credit card.

Floreant POS

Looking for something really simple? Then you might like the Floreant POS system. This system helps you perform basic POS tasks such as generating sales reports that can help you make changes to your business methods. Floreant’s point of sale system comes with food services which makes it great for restaurant owners. For example, you get tip features, menu management features, and table management features. Although Floreant POS is available at zero cost, you will need to pay a fee for the setup of the POS system and in order to be eligible for any support from Floreant.

Floreant POS system is a good choice for new restaurant owners.

The selection of a good POS system can make or break your business which is why you should spend time thoroughly analyzing the best options that are available. The best way to do this is by trying out the free trial version that is available with most POS systems. If you’re looking for a system that will help your business grow and expands, then choosing a system like Shopify can be highly beneficial for the long term. It offers complete support 24/7 that can help in resolving any problem or providing answers instantly.