What happens to the Post-Brexit betting industry?

Everyone is talking about Brexit. Many people are moved by the topic for very different motives and reasons. On the one hand they are happy about the decision of the English, on the other hand they pity the English. Depending on when you will read this article, you may already know whether the Brexit deal came about or will come about. At the time the article was written, however, no decision had yet been made and a NO deal is likely to be published. Whatever that means seems to be as sure as the Amen in prayer. At least it seems to be so, if you want to believe many people. Whether you are for or against, Brexit happens. Actually for some time already. And although the change is not yet complete, many industries are already affected.

Of course, no industry will be left out and the effects can be described as completely open for these reasons. In particular, however, retail is likely to be affected first and foremost. However, it has been announced that it will not be so strict and that it may even allow a free trade agreement. In any case, we should have positioned ourselves accordingly here and run up at different levels.

Possible scenarios

Be that as it may, we will see how the betting industry will feel after the Brexit. What you can do, however, is to look at certain possible scenarios and also at the effects of different levels.

However, the effects are likely to be felt in the short term.

By combining these levels of commitment, users can be identified among gaming enthusiasts, which ultimately translates into the analysis of sales. But you can’t make it that easy, because you still have to find your own category to explain the amount of data for the correct sales figures. But the figures are more meaningful here. Nevertheless, the program is still in the works and it will therefore be very interesting to analyze the results and insert them into the data table. Probably, however, an extended data and interpretation scope will also be expected in these cases.

At the center of these segments is the community that creates and shares gaming experiences. Overall, new segmentation also allows different potential types of games to be identified and determined and then incorporated into the determination of sales figures. An important effect will be the exchange rate. Of course, the critics will now argue that the pound had always existed anyway and never wanted the euro.

So there has always been a pound and the exchange rate has always depended on bilateral relations between the EU and England.

Other factors

But now there are other factors that play a role. This should not be underestimated. Just consider the role of Scotland and the role of Northern Ireland. Here too, strong political roles and relationships play a crucial role, which will above all create uncertainty in the market. It is, of course, doubtful that expropriation would be worthwhile in the long term and that lasting distortions will not be able to survive.

On the entrepreneurial side, however, it is a question of security in the planning of business processes, and that requires stable conditions. If the exchange rate drops by ten percent overnight because of an unqualified statement by a politician, then of course this cannot ensure stable conditions. In particular, companies will be much more likely to be in debt because they will have to hedge against such fluctuations in trading currencies. This also leads to additional costs, which ultimately manifest themselves in the fact that different parameters have to be used as a yardstick. How this can be done in an environment of unstable economic and political conditions remains to be seen.

The gaming industry and general business in the betting industry will also be affected by this over the next few years. The Brexit vote has also shown us how such political decisions can affect us. For immediately after the referendum, not only did the indices fall steeply, but the pound sterling also fell drastically immediately after the Brexit vote.