Power Your DEI Practice with the CDO PowerCircle’s Leading-Edge, Foresightful, and Impactful Solutions

Are you tired of the same old DEI strategies that produce little to no results? Do you want to take your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to the next level? Look no further than the CDO PowerCircle, founded by DEI expert and futurist Joseph Santana. Our leading-edge, foresightful, and impactful solutions help companies sustain and develop rock-star DEI leaders and achieve the most competitive, high-impact, business-measurable results.

The world is constantly evolving, and DEI strategies must evolve with it. That’s why the CDO PowerCircle offers a range of cutting-edge resources to help DEI leaders stay ahead of the curve. Our Sharpening the Axe sessions expose CDOs to thought leaders and emerging trends in artificial intelligence, organizational network analysis, and the multi-dimensional workplace. In addition, our quarterly Trends in DEI newsletters and weekly curated articles keep busy DEI executives informed and ready to proact with minimal effort. With the CDO PowerCircle, your company can ensure that its DEI efforts produce business-impacting results, not just good-faith HR or PR efforts.

Developing High-Impact Producing Employee Resource Group Leaders

At the CDO PowerCircle, we know that successful DEI strategies require a rock-star extended leadership team. That’s why we offer resources to help develop high-impact producing employee resource group (ERG) leaders and executive sponsors. Our ERG PowerTalk discussion series features top thought leaders, including CEOs of major organizations and experts on detecting and reporting AI biases. These discussions are curated to support the topics covered in our Sharpening the Axe series, ensuring that your entire DEI leadership team is on the same page.

In addition, the CDO PowerCircle’s Virtual Academy workshop series teaches ERG leaders and executive sponsors specific skills in leveraging ERGs as leadership development engines and business-impacting tools. By partnering with the CDO PowerCircle, your company can ensure that its ERGs drive measurable business value, supporting their members, communities, and organizations.

Branding with a Growing Diverse Workforce

Want to reach a more diverse workforce? Look beyond traditional PR efforts and turn to the CDO PowerCircle. Our ERG PowerTalk podcast is transmitted across channels that reach over 300 million people worldwide in five English-speaking countries, with the majority of listeners being women and minorities. As a recognized sponsor, your company can get regular shout-outs into the ears of prospective job candidates and employees.

At the CDO PowerCircle, we know DEI strategies must go beyond HR hiring and employer branding exercises to significantly impact economic prosperity. That’s why our leading-edge, foresightful, and impactful solutions are designed to help companies achieve the most competitive, high-impact, business-measurable results. With the CDO PowerCircle, your company can power its DEI practice to the next level.


A new level of strategic business DEI is critical to the success of any organization today and will rapidly become even more vital with each passing year. The CDO PowerCircle is the premier, front-running association that provides leading-edge, foresightful, and impactful solutions to help the 21st-century DEI teams rise to meet these new and emerging opportunities and challenges in their organizations. By filling the performance and development support gaps in the DEI leadership space and incorporating future foresight into their DEI practices, members of the CDO PowerCircle can ensure that they are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Joining the CDO PowerCircle is the first step towards modernizing your entire DEI effort to take your entire organization to the next level of success in today’s rapidly emerging new workforce, workplace, and marketplace.

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