6 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips That Actually Work

At this point, Instagram has about 800 million active users every month. Millions of pictures are posted every day, and over a billion lies are given every day. It’s no wonder that people see it as a massive platform for marketing.

However, for your brand to be successful on Instagram, you will have to ensure that the content you post is relevant to your target market – as well as your current followers. 

If you want to reap the best out of Instagram, here are a few marketing tips that are worth trying – mainly because they are part of the few that actually work.

1. Switch to Instagram Business Profile

Before you even dream of using Instagram as a business platform, make sure that you have switched to a business profile. it’s right there, in your settings – and all you have to do is click on the option.

You can choose to switch your current account to a business one – or you may create a new, fresh profile. Plus, by making the switch, you can use Instagram ads without having to depend on Facebook marketing tools.

2. Create Sponsored Content

Like every social media platform – and practically, every website on the Internet – you will see sponsored ads. The advantage with Instagram, however, is that you can decide for yourself exactly how much you want to spend on them. You can spend $5 – or you can spend only $1. You just have to set the ad budget beforehand.

3. Go for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have been here for a while – and while most people use them to showcase their random moments of the day, you can use them to advertise your business. Each story will help you generate new leads – and you can also save Instagram stories at any time so that you may reuse them.

4. Partner with Influencers

There are countless influencers on Instagram that will help make your Instagram marketing grow. If your content appears in the feeds of their followers, your brand will become much more widespread. Just make sure that your influencer target the same audience.

5. Write Interactive Hashtags

Hashtags are there for a reason: they will create immediate engagement with just one keyword. That hashtag, once clicked, will lead to a variety of similar posts – and if you use a popular hashtag, a follower from a different post may be able to come across your content. 

6. Post-Smart

Followers can easily get ticked off if all they see on their newsfeed are your posts – so you may want to learn the art of posting at the right time. You may just post one picture – but if you do it at a time when most of your followers go online, you will be able to gather more clicks.

Used correctly, Instagram can be a very powerful marketing platform. You just have to follow the tips that we mentioned above.