What is PPC Management and How a PPC Agency Can Boost Your Business

Image for article on using a PPC agency - 1111You know digital marketing is important to your business, but PPC advertising can be a scary and daunting task to take on. Many businesses have a difficult time deciding on whether to handle it themselves or hire a PPC agency.

According to Coinbound, a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency, when it comes to your business, every cent matters. You save money everywhere you can but doing PPC on your own could end up costing you big time in the long run. A well-run campaign can drive significant traffic and sales, but a poorly run one can leave you with no budget and little to show for it.

We’ll examine the pros and cons of PPC campaign management.

A PPC Agency has Expertise

It’s no secret that the Google Ads platform isn’t easy to understand. Google has tried to make it easier over the years, but there are many nuances that only someone with a deep knowledge of PPC can find and understand.

While it’s easy to let Google create the ads for you, if you want to maximize your potential profits then everything needs to be tweaked for best practices. Automated ads have their place, but a proper PPC campaign is subtly changed and monitored.

Something as simple as changing the color of a call to action button or phrasing in an ad can lead to a big increase in clicks.

You can’t put a price on expertise. A PPC management firm is up to date with the latest PPC news and can provide you with the best possible campaign. Google often changes the platform with little or no notice, and only a PPC agency can keep up with it all.

PPC Management Saves Money on the Long Run

The biggest issue many businesses have with an agency is the PPC management cost. They have a management cost they must pay the company and an ad budget they must replenish every month. The added cost leads many businesses to go at it on their own, but many times they don’t get the results they want.

The primary goal of the PPC campaign is to get the right people to your website and purchase your product or service. If you don’t have a specific keyword list, create dynamic ads and have a proper budget, then you could use up the budget quickly with little traffic or the wrong traffic.

You’re missing out on quality traffic because you don’t have the expertise needed and it’s costing you money. Many businesses try it out for a few months and then stop because they’re not getting results.

A PPC management agency does have a cost, but you can recoup that cost and much more with increased traffic and conversions. They can advise you on the proper budget, work on the campaigns and give you updates.

The investment in the agency is worth the cost because they can maximize your qualified traffic and increase conversion.

Pay per click PPCPPC Can Be Time Consuming

If you want to have a PPC campaign that is effective, then you need to keep an eye on it. You need to see how the ads perform, make changes and watch your budget. It’s advisable to keep on eye on your account daily.

Do you have the time to do that? You’re running a business. Can you take the time out of growing your business to check your Google Ads and make changes every day?

Many businesses can’t and that leads to poor results. With an agency, your account is their priority. PPC is all they do and they can keep tabs on your account.

It’s time-consuming, especially in the beginning, when you create the account, develop the ads, figure out your budget, etc. Unless you’re committed to it, you can hurry and miss something vital.

Regular Reporting and Metric Data

There’s a lot of data generated from a PPC campaign. The more campaigns you have the more data you can examine.

Data is great. It lets you see your clicks, cost per acquisition and so much more. An agency not only has access to Google Ads metrics but also other third-party programs that add even more data.

They can connect it to Google Analytics and check out traffic and page popularity. Part of good PPC management is going over the endless spreadsheets of data and plucking out the pearls that help improve your campaign.

The data may show that one had is performing well and another ad isn’t. They delve deeper into the data to determine why the one ad isn’t performing and make changes either to the ad or the landing page.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of metrics in developing a successful PPC campaign.

Benefits of hiring a PPC agency - image 493992What Does a PPC Agency Do?

We talked about why a PPC agency is a good idea, but what do they do to manage your account. One of the first steps is developing a highly detailed keyword report.

A PPC keyword report is different than an SEO keyword report. The goal is to target search queries from qualified traffic that have a good search volume, but not a high competition.

There is more than one PPC platform including Bing and several social media sites have PPC as well. They’ll examine what channels would be best for your business. They may deem a higher budget for social media PPC ads because they believe you’ll see a better result.

You’ve likely seen your competitor’s ads on the search pages or website and would love to know what they’re doing. Part of management is checking out your competitors and see what they’re doing. They’ll identify what keywords they’re using and much more.

Keywords are important to a PPC campaign, but negative matching keywords is just important. Negative matching is eliminating keywords that might seem to connect to your business, but, doesn’t. This reduces the number of useless clicks from people not interested in your product or service.

PPC Management is Perfect for Business

A PPC agency is a vital part of digital marketing and allows you to keep your business moving without constantly checking your accounts. They are worth the expense if they can increase your traffic and conversions.

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