What Is PPC Marketing and How Can It Help Dentists?

Small and large businesses, including dental practices, compete to gain brand recognition and grow their customer base. And, with online searches on the rise, having an online presence is vital to gaining adequate customer traffic.

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Luckily, pay-per-click (PPC) is one way dentists can remain competitive and generate leads that convert. With PPC for dentists, dental websites can have a measurable channel for reaching new prospects and expanding their online presence.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC is a marketing model where you pay a search engine a fee each time a user clicks on your ad. In short, it’s a way for you to buy your audience instead of earning them. Most search engines reward advertisers who develop highly targeted PPC campaigns by charging less for ad clicks.

But, whether you pay $3 for an ad or $50, the conversions you gain are worth the value. However, a lot of factors determine how successful your PPC ad is:

  • Landing page quality
  • Creativity
  • Keyword relevance
  • Quality score

Hence, take your time to research and create a PPC ad that generates conversions.

Dental Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC for dentists helps your dental practice compete with other dental offices in your region by outranking them on paid search engines. Similarly, it’s a great way to target your ideal audience and calculate your ROI.

So, how can PPC for dentists help you?

1. It boosts brand recognition

As mentioned earlier, pay-per-click ads increase brand awareness by up to 63%. Remember, search engine traffic isn’t solely dependent on PPC ads. Therefore, you need to have a good search engine ranking in place alongside your PPC ads to boost your brand’s recognition.

2. It improves targeting accuracy

One of the common mistakes that dentists make in marketing is poor targeting. For instance, a patient is highly unlikely to travel more than eight miles for a dental visit. Hence, marketing for a broad audience beyond your range stretches out your marketing efforts.

In contrast, dental PPC ads improve your targeting accuracy, improving your conversions. For example, people with toothaches within your area can quickly find your ad on search engines. A clear call to action on your PPC ad can also enhance your targeting, increasing your click-through rate.

3. It generates leads quickly

PPC ads drive quality traffic to your website as soon as you launch them. Since you select the keywords or phrases that trigger your advertisements, when your customers use these phrases, your ads appear above organic results.

Your potential customers then click on your site, redirecting them to your website, contact form, or landing page. Unlike other types of advertising, with PPC ads, you don’t have to wait to generate leads.

4. It can drive phone inquiries

You can develop click-ad extensions for your PPC campaign to drive phone appointment inquiries. Search engines will charge you the same amount for the phone call as they do for click-through rates.

A click-ad extension is a powerful tool for users that use mobile phones. Additionally, it’s a great way for a local business to gain more customers in the region and to build customer loyalty. Moreover, you can set your ads to only display during working hours.

Get Your Dental Practice to the Top with PPC Ads

PPC advertising can be an easy way to grow your dental practice if you leverage it properly. It’s wise to hire an expert to help you with your PPC campaign, especially if you’re new to pay-per-click ads. PPC will not only help you get the right patients at your door but will also boost your competitiveness.

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