Practical Guide of PTFE Dust Collector Filter Bags

The dust collector filter bag is the main and most important component of the bag filter. When dust gas is filtered through a filter bag, the fibers of the bag sieve and retain the dust, making the dust gas kept on the surface of the bag to separate the dust from the gas and purify the gas. Dust collector filter bags are divided into different materials: PTFE bag, fiberglass filter bag, P84 bag, PPS bag, aramid bag, homopolymer acrylic bag, polyester bag, etc. 

These dust collector filter bags are used in various industries due to their different material properties. One of them, the PTFE bag, has its particular advantages in ultra-clean emission applications. Continue reading this article to find out more.

What Are PTFE Bags?

PTFE dust filter bags are made of polytetrafluoroethylene fibers and then needled, shaped at high temperature, impregnated or membrane, and slit. PTFE filter bags have excellent hydrolysis, alkalis, organic acids, mineral acids, and oxidation resistance. Amongst the many dust collector filter bags, The PTFE bag is widely used for flue gas purification and material recovery in industries with harsh working conditions due to these excellent chemical properties.

Benefits of PTFE Filter Bags

  1. Excellent Chemical Properties

PTFE is short for polytetrafluoroethylene and has excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, hydrolysis, oxidation, and abrasion. PTFE does not break, burn or hydrolyze, and it is more resistant to vapor permeation than almost any known material. PTFE fiber is extremely stable and does not age easily. In addition, PTFE bags are finished with PTFE membrane and PTFE impregnate, enhancing their chemical properties and extending their service life.

  1. High-Temperature Resistance 

PTFE is a macromolecular linear structure with a crystalline melting point of 327°C and can be used for long periods in the range of -180°C to 260°C. Therefore dust extractor filter bags made with PTFE fiber can be used in industries with high-temperature production.

  1. High Dust Removal Efficiency 

The PTFE bag is one of the dust collector filter bags with high filtration precision. When ordinary filter media is used, the dust gets inside the filter media and builds up, eventually blocking the pores. However, PTFE bags use PTFE fibers and are also PTFE coated or impregnated. The extremely small pore size of these PTFE dust collector filter bags allows very fine particles to be trapped. Surface filtration alone can achieve high dust removal efficiency.

  1. Good Cleaning Dust Effect

The surface friction coefficient of the PTFE filter bag is small, and the surface is smooth so that the dust entering the filter bag is not easy to stick to the surface and can be easily removed. In addition, the excellent cleaning effect of PTFE bags prolongs the cleaning cycle of enterprises. At the same time, the low-pressure strength and long service life of the filter media reduce the running costs of the product.

Wide Applications of PTFE Filter Bags

PTFE bags are used in industries with harsh working conditions due to their excellent chemical properties. It mainly includes the following areas:

  1. Waste Incineration

Waste incineration is currently one of the most important areas of application for pure PTFE dust collector filter bags. The waste incineration process inevitably produces a large number of pollutants, the soot of which contains heavy metal particles and highly corrosive acidic gases, characterized by high humidity and high temperature. PTFE bags can achieve good results in the flue gas cleaning of waste incineration power plants.

  1. Coal-Fired Power Plants

The combustion process of coal produces a large number of toxic respirable particles. Therefore, the use of PTFE bags in high-temperature environments can greatly reduce the emission of soot.

  1. Cement Industry

Using PTFE bags with the cement industry can reduce air pollutant emissions while recovering cement powder. In addition, it helps to increase the output of cement plants and reduce costs. In addition, the use of this piece of dust collector filter bags can save energy while cleaning the air for the company.

  1. Laboratory Purification

In addition, PTFE bags are also used in the biological, food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries in clean rooms with high air cleanliness requirements. The dust collector filter bag is characterized by good stability, corrosion resistance, high flow rates at the same resistance conditions and can meet the requirements of high-efficiency air filtration.

PTFE bags are uniquely suited to these industries for ultra-clean discharge applications. It is worth noting that the quality of filter bags on the market varies, and it is equally important to choose a reliable filter bag manufacturer. Farrleey, a manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience in the industry, offers you quality PTFE filter bags.

Why Choose Farrleey PTFE Dust Collector Filter Bags:

  • Higher Dust Removal Efficiency

Farrleey’s PTFE filter bags are made by imported USA auto sewing equipment. Multi-variable stitching is used in the weaving process to increase the thickness of the fabric and make the PTFE bag more effective in removing dust.

  • More durable

There are two kinds of PTFE bags for choosing; one is PTFE membrane, the other is impregnated. Both of them help to enlarge the life span of the bags.

  • More Flexible

Farrleey offers various shapes and sizes to meet the different needs of the industries and companies.


Since its inception, Farrleey has been committed to providing customers with customized solutions that offer the best value for money. To make products and solutions that best meet customers’ needs, Farrleey never stops developing. To date, a wide range of highly efficient and durable filter cartridges and bags have been developed and produced to maximize the economic benefits of our customers’ investments. Contact Farrleey for more professional and caring services.

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