Averill Electric Shares the 10 Reasons Why Prefabricated Construction is More Efficient

Electrical contractors are constantly searching for ways to make their businesses more efficient and to speed up the process of getting jobs done. Prefabricated construction can be an important tool in reducing costs, wasted time, and most importantly, the time it takes to complete a job.

Frank Averill of Averill Electric lists the 10 ways in which prefabricated construction can speed up your workflow and allow you to take on more jobs in the same period of time.

1. Working in a Central Location

When electrical contractors use prefabrication methods, they are able to take advantage of working in a central location. Getting a significant amount of the work done before arriving at the job site means that the production environment can be controlled, speeding up the process of installing electrical components in a building.

2. Streamlining the Supply Chain

When companies open prefab shops, they are often surprised by the increase in efficiency that comes from centralized construction. Prefab shops are able to order all of their materials to be delivered to the same location, rather than having them scattered across a variety of job sites. It is easier to keep track of materials that are shipped to one central location, leading to less frustration and more time spent assembling products.

3. Prefabrication Breaks Down the Job into Manageable Pieces

When companies use prefabrication methods, they are able to arrange their workflow like a manufacturing floor. Each employee can be designated to perform one part of the process. This means that employees become very good at completing their jobs, speeding up the process overall.

4. Less Wasted Time

On a job site, there are frequently frustrating delays and times when electricians cannot complete their jobs due to external factors. In a prefab shop, it is much easier to stay on schedule. Prefabricated construction is not subject to “hurry up and wait” conditions in the way that on-site electricians can sometimes experience.

5. Faster Assembly Times

When companies engage in prefabricated construction, they often find that their shop employees can complete a job quickly and safely. The more times an employee repeats the same type of assembly, the faster they will learn how to make the job more efficient.

Taken together, all of these small increases in productivity add up to a significantly reduced time on the job. According to a 2011 survey by McGraw Hill, 35 percent of prefabrication companies found that their project schedules were shortened by over four weeks.

6. Better Results at the Job Site

When components are prefabricated, it is easier to install them at the job site. This can speed up the installation process and allow contractors to take on more jobs in shorter periods of time. Standardizing components also means that if there is a problem with one of the components in terms of function or quality, it is easier to swap it out. There is no need for an electrician to reinvent the wheel.

7. Better Safety Conditions

Beyond the obvious benefits of a safer worksite, safety also has an impact on the efficiency of a job. When components are prefabricated, it is less likely that employees will be injured on the job. This means that there will be less downtime and that the project will be sped up.

8. Less Effort Involved with Green Building

Today, many jobs have “green building” requirements. This means that job site trash needs to be separated and recycled properly. This can result in a significant time sink if it is done at the job site. Prefab shop employees can quickly and easily sort waste and recyclables, conforming to green building standards in a shorter amount of time.

9. Competitive Advantages

Prefabricated construction enables companies to take on more jobs in the same amount of time. This means that profit margins are greater. Prefab companies are better able to compete with other contractors, showing that they can get the job done faster and more efficiently.

10. Less Time Spent On-Site

Electricians who are supported by a prefab facility are able to spend less time at the job site. This means that their efforts can easily be spread across more than one project. This factor is especially important because there is a significant shortage of electricians in the United States today.

While the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the field is projected to grow by eight percent over the next 10 years, it is unclear whether this will represent an easing in the labor market.

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Prefabrication Speeds Up Jobs

Prefabrication helps companies to increase their efficiency in many ways. Frank Averill of Averill Electric believes that prefabricated construction is the wave of the future, and he plans to continue expanding the use of prefab construction at his facility in the future.

When taking all of the advantages of prefabricated electrical construction into consideration, it makes sense for all contractors to consider applying these methods to their business.

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