How to prepare for PMP Exam & How much does It Take for PMP Exam preparation?

For a project manager of this age, certifications are those effective tools which help them to get better projects and jobs. So, their career growth depends a lot on their certifications. There are many certifications which, as a project manager, you can go for. PMP certification is one of the tougher certifications that you can go for. Basically, it is also one of the best certifications that you can have for your career. PMP certification is one such certification that can really help you to get a lucrative income. PMP certification holding project managers can earn 23% more than the non-PMP certified project managers.

Now, for many people, the PMP certification exam is a hard nut to crack. One of the reasons for that is they don’t know how they can prepare for this exam. Even if they do know, they cannot maintain the consistency in their studies in order to clear this examination. So, if you are passionate about clearing the exam and want to know how to prepare for it then read this article till the end, you will find it out.

PMP exam article 292929How Long Does It Take for the Exam Preparation?

Well, the preparation for your PMP certification exam depends on how much time you would like to spend on it. Also, there are three things on which your preparation will depend.

  • Experience: The experience you have gained as a project manager will play an important role in your PMP certification exam preparation. Your experience is the practical education that you have got while working as a project manager. It will really come in handy when you prepare for the exam. Also, it will really lessen up your preparation time.
  • Formal Training: In order to sit for the PMP exam, you have to sit for formal training of 35 hours. It will really play a huge role in your preparation for the PMP certification exam. This formal training is a must when it comes to attempting the PMP certification exam. Therefore, you will have a comprehensive preparation during those 35 hours of formal training.
  • Study Materials: You will also have to make sure you are reading the study materials consistently. Unless you study on a consistent basis, you will struggle to complete the study material within a short period of time. Also, you have to read the entire PMBOK® Guide and understand the guidelines properly which is a must for PMP exam preparation.

How to Prepare for PMP Certification Exam

Study Regularly

When you are preparing for a tough exam like PMP certification, you have to study on a regular basis. Now, you may think that self-study is not that important in clearing the exam as you have the experience of working as a project manager and leading the projects, but, self-study is very important. You cannot ignore it. Most people think that after completing the formal training of 35 hours, they can sit and attempt the exam. Those are the candidates who fail miserably in the exam. As a matter of fact, without self-study, you should not even think of clearing the exam because it is that much important. Being a working professional, you have to make sure that you are at least dedicating few hours to your self-study for the PMP certification exam. On the weekends, you should be investing at least 3 to 4 hours on your study. See, this is an investment which will give you a good amount of profit. If you are dedicated and consistent with your studies and follow your study routine for at least 2 to 3 months without any break then you will be able to do well in the PMP certification exam.

Join a PMP Course

In order to prepare for the PMP certification exam, you need to show a formal training of 35 hours from a registered education provider. Now, this formal training will also play a massive role in preparing you for this exam. Here, you will find assistance from an instructor who will guide you through this course and prepare you for the PMP certification exam. When you get such guidance, you will definitely have great preparation. The 35 hours you spend in the formal training, you have to utilize that time to the fullest. Otherwise, you will really struggle to understand some of the nitty-gritty things of the PMBOK® Guide which is important to understand in order to clear the PMP®certification exam.

Become a Member of the Local PMI Chapter

Most people do not even become a member of PMI. But, if you want to save a substantial amount of money in your entire journey of the PMP certification exam, becoming a PMI member will be a wise decision that is for sure. Also, another sensible thing that you can do in order to prepare well for your PMP exam is joining a local PMI chapter. Once you join a local PMI chapter, you will be able to attend various workshops which the local PMI chapter will arrange for your PMP certification exam. This will really help you to prepare for your PMP certification exam in a comprehensive manner. That is why it may seem trivial, but joining a local PMI chapter does make sense.

Practice Regularly

You may have heard this proverb many times and that practice makes a man perfect. When you are preparing for the PMP certification exam, you have to utilize this proverb. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to succeed in this tough exam. Therefore, you have to make time for the regular practice for the studies you are doing. Practice will be a pivotal part of your preparation which you just cannot afford to ignore. Therefore, if you are dedicated and committed to clearing PMP certification exam then make time for the practice and in that time, go through the quizzes and practice tests. They are really helpful because these practice tools help you get a feel of the examination and in this way, you get to prepare in a comprehensive manner.

PMP exam article 883838383Have Time for Revision

No matter how well you are prepared, no matter how quickly you have prepared, unless and until you revise what you have prepared, you should forget about clearing the PMP certification exam. Revision is very important for the preparation for the PMP certification exam. So, after you have completed your preparation, carve out time for the revision and then sit for the exam. If you do that then you will be able to sit for the PMP certification exam in a confident mindset which will help you to clear the exam in one go.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, the PMP certification exam might seem very tough but with proper preparation and revision, you can clear the exam easily. The one thing that you should definitely have while preparing for this exam is consistency. Without consistency, it is really very difficult to clear the exam. So, if you think you can be consistent with your preparation of PMP certification exam then go for it because if you can somehow clear this exam, it will add immense value to your career.