People Preparing For The Worst As The Pandemic Continues

Due to the continuing fear of global catastrophe, people around the world have been stocking up on water, food-goods, and survival equipment, in case things take a turn for the worst. CBD is a growing retail segment, as people are seeking natural alternatives to promote health and wellness in this time of crisis.

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With so much information on the internet, people just don’t know what to believe anymore and are beginning to prepare for the worst as the confusion and uncertainty caused by the current pandemic persists.

COVID-19 and our hoarding mentality

It seems to be almost daily that businesses are being closed down and deemed non-essential and as such, people are buying up just about everything they can while they can. Grocery stores see empty shelves day after day, and have had to limit people in the number of items that they are allowed to buy at a single time.

The amount of hoarding that people have been doing has become a vicious cycle that leads to others doing the same. If the shelves are empty just about every time you go to the grocery, then when there is food to buy you will buy as much as you can to survive. This mentality of stocking up has become almost as contagious as the covid-19 virus itself.

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Securing water supplies

Water is an essential, and though many people currently have access to water from the city, some are starting to make preparations for when that is no longer available. Food-grade 55 gallon water barrels have seen an increase in purchases because they are a fantastic way to store water for long periods of time. Another, even better option, is to develop a rainwater collection, storage, and filtration system.

With a 55 gallon drum of water, you would eventually run out and have to find a new, clean source of drinking water which might be nearly impossible if you live in a city and the infrastructure ceased to function. A rainwater collection, storage, and filtration system is a renewable source of clean drinking water and would be the most valuable part of your survival set-up.

Growing your own food

Food is the next thing to consider. If you could no longer trust goods from the market to be free of covid-19, then you would have to produce your own food. This means a large, year-round vegetable garden, and some sort of protein, be it fish, chicken, eggs or meat. Chickens and fish are the easiest option.

This will require the least amount of space and be the most time/effort efficient. Chickens are relatively easy to feed if considered as part of a self-sustainable farm, then they can be fed by utilizing compost. That chicken excrement can then be used as a fantastic addition to the soil in your vegetable garden.

Vegetable garden

Another aspect of producing your own food is the ability to grow your own produce. It takes about an acre of usable grow space to support a family of four, so this is something that most people will not be able to prepare for. Cities are camped, and loaded with people.

The majority of the people who live in cities do not have nearly enough space to grow their own produce. It is not particularly difficult to grow your own food. People have been doing it since before written language. Unfortunately our society has developed to the point where we no longer live in proximity to nature, and are not only mentally disconnected from it, but usually quite physically removed from any sort of workable land.

The problem for city dwellers

This is another thing people are considering as they prepare for the worst of the pandemic. If we had to try to sustain ourselves by growing our own foods how would it be possible in the city? The answer is, it wouldn’t unless just about every apartment was converted into an indoor hydroponic grow system that was solar powered and had just enough for the grow setup and room to sleep, go to the bathroom, and cook.

This is a massive concern for those who anticipate the worst because there is almost no preparation time, and it would cost quite a bit of money to buy all of the equipment necessary.

One thing that people are doing is stocking up. You might not be able to build your farm and start growing vegetables and raising chickens, but you can take measures to prepare for the coming months. By slowly collecting as many canned goods as possible you can ensure that you will have edible food for quite some time.

It is pretty difficult to find canned goods right now, so keep your eye out and get them when you can. Another important thing is to eat your vitamins. People have been stocking up on all of the essentials that make up their vitamin kit.

Stocking up on CBD

One thing people have been buying left and right is CBD. This is because CBD has quite a long shelf-life, and a ton of beneficial compounds. Many CBD products are also in the form of some sort of delicious food, edible, or drink additive, so it can be a nice way to take care of yourself and have a bit of a tasty pick-me-up.

With the pandemic already having lasted months, people are starting to get nervous about what the future holds, and have been stocking up on all kinds of supplies to make sure that they are covered if the worst case scenarios do end up playing out. We as a species have grown used to so many comforts and luxuries, and those luxuries have caused the planet a great deal of damage.

It is now time that we look at what is truly essential in our lives, and make the effort to focus solely on these necessities. It is a time when we are watching the world change, and realizing that things will probably never be the same, and that we are merely at the beginning of this massive change.


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