Easy Tips for Prepping A House For Sale in Milwaukee, WI

It’s always advisable for homeowners to prepare their house before opening it up for sale. Making adequate preparations can determine how fast you sell the house and even add to the value and curb appeal of the property.

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Here are some easy to follow tips on how to prep a house for sale for people living in Milwaukee, WI.

  1. Disassociate and Depersonalize Yourself from The House

It can be difficult to sever sentimental ties to your house, especially when you’ve lived there for a long time and made some awesome memories. All the same, the first tip on prepping your house for sale is to let go of the emotional attachments and depersonalize as much as possible.

This will help the new buyers settle in and do things their way, instead of living under the shadow of the previous owner personality.

Depersonalizing your house can also help you in selling your house fast. Homebuyers like Cream City Home Buyers are always on the lookout for homes that are ready for sale, and by disassociating yourself from the house, you readily prove that you are ready for sale.

One way to remove sentimental attachments is to pack up personal items such as photographs, paintings, family heirlooms etc. Personal items can distract a potential buyer and prevent a sale because it shows that the homeowner is still very much attached to the home.

What most buyers are looking for is a clean, impersonal home, which makes it easier for the buyers to visualize what the home will look like when they move in their things.

  1. Declutter your Home

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Other than going through the process of depersonalizing, you also need to declutter the house to present a clean environment to potential buyers.

You’d be surprised at the number of personal items you’ve collected over the years. Showing your potential buyers around a cluttered house can easily discourage them from buying.

However, a decluttered house shows only the necessary items and that way; potential homebuyers can walk around the house without any hindrance or distractions.

To declutter the home, you have to remove all items you don’t need, old and damaged items too. You can get rid of these items by either giving it out to charity organizations or conducting a yard sale.

Any items that are too damaged to give out or sell can be picked up by companies offering damaged properties removal services such as the House Clearance Chelmsford.

Another declutter tip is to arrange all the rooms, kitchen and storage room. Books should be cleared out from the shelf, and only essential items should remain.

You should also clear out kitchen cabinets and storage areas. Most home buyers are particular about storage space, so, you’ll need to prove to them that you have what they want.

  1. Do Minor Repairs

It is essential to make minor repairs before trying to sell your house. While some homebuyers’ companies don’t mind buying a ‘house as is’, individual home buyers prefer buying a house that’s in good, relatively clean and empty condition.

Besides, doing repairs can increase the value of your home even if you’re selling to a home buyer company.

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank, to the minor repairs that can make a difference. You can start by going through the house to look for spoilt light bulbs, cracked walls and floors, and other minor repairs like fixing doors, window, cabinets and leaky faucets.

Make a list, so you don’t forget any important repairs. You can then now start repairing and ticking off each. By the time you mark everything on your list, you would have successfully revamped your home for sale.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

It is easy to lose what would have been a good house sale just because your house’s exterior turned the buyer off. This is why increasing curb appeal is an important part of prepping your house for sale.

One of the tips to sell your property quickly is to improve curb appeal. The exterior of a house is what people see first, so potential homebuyers always look out for houses that have an inviting exterior look.

The exterior is as essential as the interior, and by making a few improvements, you can give the perfect first impression.

Start by cutting the lawn and trimming the plants. Make sure the front porch, door and windows all look clean and inviting. Doing all these before selling your house can greatly impact the sale.

  1. Consider Paying Outstanding Bills and Debts

Another factor that can easily affect a house sale is the failure to clear outstanding debts before selling your house. This is because most homebuyers find it discouraging to buy a house that has too many outstanding debts. Besides, most buyers won’t want to inherit other people’s debts.

Even if you’re lucky enough to sell as it is, it can reduce the value of the house significantly and how fast sell you sell the property.

  1. Ready the House Documents

It’s advisable to ready all the house documents before opening the house up for sale. You don’t want to start rushing the process after you have sealed the deal. Besides, gathering the paperwork before the sit-in with your buyers allows you to get everything in place and ensure a seamless transaction between all parties.


Having a successful house in Milwaukee, WI, shouldn’t be difficult once you make adequate preparations for the sale. By depersonalizing the house, cleaning, decluttering and improving curb appeal, you can prep your house for sale in no time. Moreover, following the tips above increases, the chances of getting your property sold quickly and at a competitive price.

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