How to Prevent Culture Shock When Moving to Another Country

Prevent culture shock - first image for article 2We live in a time where travel is becoming more and more accessible, and that’s great! However, travelling to a place while you’re on vacation is completely different than having to move. When you move from one country to another, there are so many factors that are foreign to you that you need to adapt to, and it’s not uncommon to experience a sense of culture shock. This leaves you feeling uncomfortable and out of place, and it’s really something that no one wants to have to go through.

This is why we’re going to give you a couple of guidelines that will help you avoid the onset of culture shock if you need to move to another country. 

Know Everything About Their Laws

Before heading out to your destination, it’s always a smart idea to research and read up on their laws. They are most likely different than what you’re used to in your current location. You’ll find that even in the US, for example, some laws differ from state to state. Let’s say you get caught up in a situation like a car or motorbike accident, then you have to ensure that you understand the laws, and that you have access to the right kind of lawyer.

The lawyers from the Hamparyan Law Firm put great emphasis on the importance of getting the right kind of lawyer, otherwise the case may not be handled correctly. This is why it’s so important to learn about the country’s laws and regulations. Something that may be legal in one place may be considered as illegal in another. You won’t have to deal with any scares or surprises by doing so, and it will help a great deal in having you feel much more comfortable within the community as well.

Learn The Language

A great way to break through the cultural barrier and make better connections with the locals is to learn the language. While it never hurts to learn the written language, it is always much more practical and takes less time to learn the spoken language to begin with. You can either opt for taking classes before you travel by a considerable amount of time, or you can opt to learn through an app.

There are plenty of applications available that are great in teaching the spoken language in any country, and if you really commit to it, this will really go a long way in helping to prevent the culture shock.

Understand The Culture

Nothing helps you to overcome any form of cultural shock quite like really delving into the culture that you are going to be a part of. If possible, try to take a trip before moving and visit as many places as you can that can help you learn about the country’s people, their traditions and their culture overall. By doing so, you won’t be walking into a situation blind, and you’ll also know where to go for different needs.

Know What Is Considered To Be Offensive & Respectable

Prevent culture shock - second image for article 2In order to avoid experiencing uncomfortable situations that contribute a great deal to the culture shock, it’s important that you know exactly what actions, behavior and phrases are considered to be offensive and which ones are a sure sign of respect. By doing so, getting around and getting things done will be much easier to do because you will be able to make the locals feel at ease with you, and you won’t have to feel the awkwardness that comes along with saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Have Patience & An Open Mind

You have to be easy on yourself as well- no matter how much knowledge you take on about the place that you’re moving to, you’re still going to feel a bit strange about everything initially. Finding a middle ground to allow yourself to immerse in culture is very important.

A good way to ease your transition is making sure that your next place of residence offers similar things to your old home. For example, life in Augusta County is a good mix of town and country allowing a seamless transition without the culture shock.

Give yourself time to adapt and try to have patience, because with the passage of time, you will settle down, know where everything is and also know how to communicate with the people around you.

Something else that you always need to be conscious of is to have an open mind. Let go of your preconceptions and what you have been conditioned to perceive as acceptable or unacceptable, and you’ll find that this will make adapting a much easier experience for you.

Find Ways To Connect With Home

Last but not least, to allow the change of culture to not take a negative effect on you, it’s important that you still keep things that are familiar around you, so that you don’t feel completely alienated and detached. Be sure to stay in touch with family and friends on a regular basis, cook your favorite foods, and fill your home with memorabilia.

If you follow the steps provided here, you’re bound to overcome and even prevent the onset of culture shock altogether. Just take one day at a time and familiarize yourself with your surroundings and you’ll fit in before you know it.


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