Using print media to increase footfall in leisure facilities

In an environment where technology and digital marketing is at the forefront, the power of print media can sometimes be forgotten and underutilized. For leisure facilities such as museums, entertainment centres and arenas, print is an extremely useful tool that can not only drive customers to your brand, but keep people engaged in your product long after they’ve left.

Using print media to increase footfall 44444Here are several effective ways in which print media can increase the number of customers through your door:

Print increases credibility

If you are keen to show consumers that you’re confident in your business and product, show them that you’re prepared to invest in yourself. By presenting potential consumers with a well-designed map or brochure of leisure opportunities that you offer, such as events or attractions, your potential audience will not only be impressed, but will be even more excited and engaged about the leisure experience that your offer, which may play a part in what makes them want to return.

To entice residents to enjoy their city parks, the city of Dublin, Ohio used their classic Z Fold Alpha Card as a bike map and park guide, outlining fun routes and helpful tips for cyclists, along with a QR code which takes users to instructions on bike repair tips, bridging the gap between print and digital while spreading the word about each park.

For leisure venues where visitors are free to come and go and explore at their own pace, this type of marketing is subliminal and clever, as the leisure facility is not only providing information that will help enhance the customer experience, but the brand will begin to be associated with the positive experience of their visit whenever they read the card, map or brochure, which is a great way to increase footfall and income.

Digital detoxes are good for us

A digital detox is recommended for at least an hour each day, but many people choose to stay offline longer, due to information overload that can make people feel overwhelmed, stressed and in need of a break. Leisure facilities are a great sector to take advantage of consumer digital detox by giving an experience which can only be enhanced by clever and innovative print marketing.

A great use of strategic print marketing was the Superbowl 2018 campaign from Coca-Cola which began with print, featuring a handwritten poem spreading their brand message of inclusion and diversity. This campaign went on to have over 2.5 billion impressions and over 500 press stories, showing that the most unique and innovative campaigns don’t always have to be digital to have a global impact.

Print drives action

When using ad campaigns in print, it is important to be strategic and informed while planning where and how your ads will appear, as this will determine who will be exposed to your brand. Not only will your audience be more engaged with print media, but a recent study[1] reported that 65% of readers take action after viewing a newspaper ad, meaning that positioning yourself in print makes the consumer six times more likely to buy your product.

Print readers are the customers you need

The digitalization of brands has vastly decreased our attention spans, with many of us consuming media through several channels at once, so it can be hard to keep up with the amount of new information constantly updating our feeds. Today, it’s normal to watch TV, instant message and check social media at once, whereas print readers are less likely to multitask when a leaflet or card is in their hands, making them more engaged and receptive to the information that you’re giving them. Many people enjoy visiting leisure facilities to escape and be entertained, making the leisure industry a great industry to utilise print media as much as possible.



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