6 printing products for coronavirus communication

Now that the coronavirus measures are being eased in many parts of the world, many of us will be able to go outside more often. This is only possible if we continue to adhere to the current safety measures. That is why these measures must be communicated clearly. If everybody is aware of what the regulations are as the pandemic lockdown eases, customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders are much less likely to become infected. Also, strict compliance helps prevent the virus from spreading.

There are many printing tools we can use to keep people informed. Think of window stickers, floor stickers, brochures, and crush barriers. Below, we highlight a number of useful printed products.

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  1. Banners

You can print a banner (translation: spandoek bedrukken) with coronavirus infection prevention measures. In a busy place, such as a street market or a town square, a large banner stands out well. It can remind people to maintain a certain distance from others, wear masks when necessary, not shake hands, and cough into their elbow area rather than their hands. The banner can also thank them for their understanding.

  1. Stickers

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes and are very useful for clarifying measures. Examples include window stickers, floor stickers, floor tape, and arrow stickers. Floor stickers can show people which route they should follow. Window stickers help visitors become aware of what is required of them before they enter.

  1. Flyers

Flyers are cheap to produce and easy to hand out. You can add them to your order when delivering a meal, or to advertise an offer. To prevent the spread the coronavirus and other nasty germs, there are now antibacterial flyers.

  1. Safety vests

Safety vests make your staff stand out. In addition, you can use them to convey messages by printing a word, phrase, or symbol on them. Their neon coloring makes them easily visible by everybody, even in a crowd. You could print messages on hoodies or t-shirts too.

  1. Desk mats

These days, it is more important than ever to keep your desk area clean. This is where desk mats are great. They help keep the surface of your desk free of liquid, debris, and other things that may carry or attract germs. You can also print words, phrases, or symbols on them.

  1. Plexiglass safety screen

Keeping a distance is unfortunately not always possible, as might be the case at the checkout in supermarket. However, plexiglass safety screens (translation: plexiglas) can help prevent germs, including the coronavirus, from spreading from one person to another. Employees will only go back to work if they feel safe. Plexiglass may help put their minds at ease.

During crazy times such as these, creativity and flexibility are crucial. There are many things we can do to beat COVID-19. However, we must work together and consider the needs and vulnerabilities of others.


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