Privacy For The Win – How To Register On Online Platforms Without Your Phone Number?

It’s fair to say that nowadays, having to enter a number into an app or service in order to register is pretty commonplace. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find ANY website, app or online service that didn’t require your number for OTP verification. So inevitably it begs the question – how can you register for online platforms without your phone number? 

This article is set to explore just that, with some handy tips and innovative services that offer you the chance of registering for as many apps as you like, all without having to enter your phone number. Seem too good to be true? Services such as TemporaryNumber have really nailed it. Read on to see for yourself.

How is it possible to register on online platforms without private phone number verification?

There are some pretty innovative services around right now that allow you to choose a number to use online, which you can then use to enter into the app you’re trying to register with to receive your OTP verification message on. Without verification, you’ll be unable to complete your registration and in turn, unable to access the service you’re looking to join. The idea is quite a simple one: you go onto the website of whichever of the online phone number service you’ve decided to use, select a number (there’s normally a wide-choice to choose from), and then enter this number in place of your own. Although the idea is quite simple, this option has only been around for a few years. One of the biggest and best right now is TemporaryNumber, which offers a wide range of numbers from around the world, all of which are free, quick and easy to use.

Why is it important to use services like TemporaryNumber?

Online security (or lack thereof) is a huge problem nowadays. People being able to access your information, hacking, fraud- you name it. The internet can pose a huge threat. That’s exactly why we should look to have every precaution we should, even if it doesn’t feel like much. The entering of our personal numbers in one particular way in which we leave ourselves vulnerable online, which is due to the fact that they tend to be stored for sales and marketing use, as well as being sold onto third parties for exactly the same reason. Worse still, your number can also be used as a way of tracking your online activity, especially when it comes to ascertain which other apps you’ve signed up to, all in an effort to figure out which services they may be able to sell you next. Using the numbers that TemporaryNumber has available though, will mean that there’s no trace or link back to you or your real number, thus they’ll be unable to contact you or track you.

How To Use The Service

Of all the services out there, we think TemporaryNumber offers the best service as they cover the three main draws on an online number: free, quick and easy. Their website is simple to navigate, so if you want to give it a go, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Go onto their website
  2. Add they offer numbers from different countries, scroll down to the one you wish to use (choose from the US, the UK, Ireland, Georgia or Lithuania)
  3. Then double-click on the number you choose to use (tip: make sure it’s listed as active!)
  4. Enter this number when prompted by whichever service you’re looking to sign up to
  5. Wait for your reply to appear on their website, under the number you’ve selected

That’s pretty much it. Better still, TemporaryNumber says that you can use their numbers however many times you want, all for free!

Customer Reviews

Unlike a lot of other online number services out there, the reviews for TemporaryNumber are overwhelmingly positive. This is for a few reasons, but most noticeably due to the fact that:

  • The website is very user friendly and isn’t full of ads
  • There are numbers available from around the world
  • The service is TOTALLY free to use
  • No registration required and no personal details needed
  • Numbers don’t become overburdened, and are made inactive and then replaced on a daily basis
  • Enables you to receive SMS messages online without compromising your security or privacy

Let’s take a look at what of their users say:

So glad I’ve found a free solution to keep my personal phone number private and use TemporaryNumber for the verification needs instead.”

Ryan, GB

“To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it couldn’t be as perfect as described, but at the end of the day TemporaryNumber proved me wrong – It really works the way it should.”

Sean, US

“I was so happy to find this service that I wanted to write about how amazing it is to get all you need in a minute and for free.”

Henry, US

“First things first, I’m always keeping my privacy while registering online and TemporaryNumber is always there for me to receive SMS.”

Easton, US

As you can see, the reviews demonstrate how overly-cautious people like you and I were pleasantly surprised by using TemporaryNumber’s service. With so many scams around online nowadays, it’s almost become commonplace for us all to believe we’re being lied to or misled in some way. Yet, every now and again, we come across a service that is both totally genuine AND good value for money (in this case – totally free!), which is why we think everyone should know about it. 

To Sum Up

So yes, you really can register on online platforms without needing to use your own phone number, and turns out, it’s a pretty darn good service too. TemporaryNumber is going from strength to strength in terms of both its numbers and its popularity – so if you’re looking to up both your online privacy and security, you may want to give it a go. 

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