The Private Eye: A Look into Some Services Done by Private Investigators

Hiring a private investigator is always the right choice when it comes to investigating crimes. Regardless of the purposes behind the probing as per client request, quality service will always be guaranteed. Indeed, nothing more practical follows aside from hiring one.

What makes the quality service guaranteed is the fact that legitimate private investigators are experts on the services that they provide, from fighting domestic abuses to gathering prospective evidence during criminal investigation, to name a few.

While it may be true that investigations take time, the service quality exerted by private investigators is worth praising. If one needs assistance or investigatory service on legal concerns, this is the perfect sign to avail of private investigators’ services. Here are some more services that private investigators can handle.

Criminal Investigation

When applied in the criminal justice field, a criminal investigation primarily involves collecting relevant data. It is a legal endeavor initiated by concerned authorities to solve a crime, especially the gathering of prospective evidence regarding a case.

While forensics experts may be prioritized in handling any evidence on a crime scene, considering a private investigator’s expertise may also help. That is, the latter may add more accuracy in discovering evidence that may be used at a later date.

Take note, there may be innocent clients who are accused of crimes. One of the options that lawyers can defend their clients is by partnering with private investigators for an additional resource of factual evidence to prove the clients’ innocence.

Domestic Investigation

A domestic investigation is one of the services offered by private investigators. Such services pertain to the documentation about individuals’ personal lives and issues present in the home. In the event where certain activities of a family member are slowly becoming a threat to lives and properties within the household, it’s time to request a private investigator’s assistance or intervention.


In divorce proceedings, private investigators can gather reliable information essential to the case. The information that private investigators collect offers concrete proof to any doubts, illegal activities, infidelities, and other factors needed to secure a win in court.

Child Abuse

When the welfare and the safety of children are at stake, child abuse may be filed against the perpetrators. With this, private investigators may help as third-party investigators in discovering stories and reasons behind the abuse. Thus, the collected facts can be presented to concerned authorities such as Child Protection Group personnel for further legal action.

Parental Abduction and Recovery

Parents taking their children away from home without legal permission may already be considered an act of abduction. With private investigators’ help, runaway parents’ whereabouts may be pinpointed to help recover the abducted children.

Corporate Investigation

Another service that private investigators specialize in is corporate investigation. This service refers to an organization’s assessment concerning corporate anomalies, such as intellectual property theft, and debugging. In preventing such cases, a corporate investigative service may be considered.

Intellectual Property Theft

The rise of digital technology also means the rise of intellectual property theft. Worrisome, the latter has become a growing threat worldwide that robs intellectual properties. Taking the same issue into the corporate field, a company’s ideas and creative expressions such as logos and products may be at risk of intellectual theft.

In line with this, securing a private investigator is a must. Let the private investigators conduct the corporate investigation and dispel the worries away.

Internal Theft

Companies, especially investment-related ones, adhere to the basic rule of maintaining integrity in their services. And, this rule extends to its employers. However, there are cases where the employees themselves break such rules.

But, with the help of private investigators’ internal theft prevention methods, ensure that this situation will be prevented from happening. Most of the time, investigators will ask for security surveillance to root out a possible thief within the company. Any relevant information gathered from the footage can be used as strong evidence in court.


Every company has confidential information at hand, crucial in the success of its business. When discussed in a meeting or conference, companies may not know who else is listening, aside from the conference’s ones. In other words, there may be eavesdropping and espionage activities around which might cause company loss.

Prevent this from happening by availing private investigators’ corporate investigative service. Most private investigators possess technologically advanced equipment that would help locate physical and electronic audio transmitters. Ensuring any corporate secret remains a secret.


When personal or corporate security is put at risk, one should not turn a blind eye to it. In some cases, what causes risks is entirely hidden and unexpected. One little neglect might cause a significant loss to one’s life or one’s company, and sometimes, even worse.

To help you with preventing such events, getting help from a private investigator can help. The services that are mentioned above, are just a few of what a private “eye” might be able to offer you.