7 Awe-Inspiring Product Ideas for Shopify Stores

There is no brainer that a jaw-dropping product is the cornerstone of a profitable Shopify store. When you want the store visitors to go frenzy, you want the product to be terrific, futuristic and a trailblazer. Most importantly, it must not yet be hunt down by your fellow Shopify competitors.

It is not at all easy, when it comes to picking up gems for your Shopify store. Either you could choose to hire a Shopify expert or simply add it to your DIY list. Since a greater chance of your entrepreneurial success is inter-related to picking up amazing products, you cannot afford to be casual during the entire process.

Along with this, when you find one winning product, you have to be conscious about the product quality at every stage of product research, product testing, and product launch. To prevent the burnout, we have come up with seven excellent products that would turnaround your fortune overnight.

With these astonishing product ideas in hand, you could breathe the much-needed sigh of relief. So let’s not wait further to check the blend of this tech & lifestyle products. And determine which product would become the part of the thrilling journey.

  1. Mezuzah Cases

Ideas for Shopify Stores - Mezuzah Cases
Images sourced from https://jewish.shop/

For entrepreneurs who are running a full-fledged home décor store, Mezuzah cases are something that they can add to dazzle their store. Mezuzah cases are super attractive in design and extraordinary in appearance. Your guest would surely admire the presence of these beautiful pieces of art at your home. These fascinating cases are used to safeguard Mezuzah scrolls. Due to their massive demands across the globe, these products are indispensable to a profitable Shopify store. More info on this product you can find it in here.

  1. Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock

If your end-users are smart home lovers, this Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock is perfect for soothing their lust for groundbreaking and innovative gadgets.

These speakers are perfect for enjoying the favorite melodies while could aid in following up schedule with an alarm clock. And, with these two remarkable features in place, nothing could make up for a perfect day. And, what makes this product phenomenal is its affordable pricing that magnet a lot of users.

  1. Video Doorbell

Video doorbell - Ideas for Shopify Store 4993
Image created by Market Business News.

There could not be a smart home without an intelligent doorbell in place. Video doorbells are the new trendsetters in intelligent home tech segment. People who love to try & test new gadgets would like to try their hand on this Video Doorbell. So, people who use it could not just hear the sound but can also view who is on their doorstep.

  1. Purifying Fan

If you operate a travel accessories store, Purifying Fan is something that would amaze your customers. The people who love to travel can take these Purifying Fans with themselves. This Purifying Fan is compact in design and is ideal for a small room. No more pollutants and allergens would intrude into the body with this gadget purifying technology feature that leaves the user with a fresh stream of clean air.

  1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner - 3443
Image Source: freepik.com

No more dusty and scrapy surfaces with this Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in hand. For Shopify stores that sell cleaning tools, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for making their customer fanatic. There are so many spectacular features of this cordless vacuum cleaner that can clean almost any surface and even your car dashboard.

  1. Washing cups

For Shopify gift stores, these religious Washing cups are perfect for pulling off a new segment of potential customers. These washing cups are used during holy ceremonies and prayers in the Jewish culture. Hence, this is nice too when it comes to transforming the entire product line of the store.

  1. Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat - 38498938
Image Source: freepik.com

Beat the heat with this superb home improvement gadget. With Smart Thermostat, it is easy to control and monitor temperature around the home. It can alter the temperature in minutes with the help of a remote and is a perfect gadget for home automation. This gadget is a must-have for home improvement theme Shopify stores.


The most crucial element of a successful product strategy is its ability to resonate with the choice of customers. While picking up products for your store, it is essential to be aware about – what captures the attention of your potential customers. Figure it out, and then follow that pattern to explore products that overlap with your customers’ desire level. And, this is how you would steadily transform your store into a profitable venture.

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